"The IPU respects for human rights associated with sovereignty"


April 1st, in an international press conference, the Chairman of Vietnam National Assemble, Mr. Nguyen Sinh Hung said that all of IPU-132’s activities has taken place in a spirit of friendship, solidarity, cooperation and responsibility.
As President of IPU-132, Mr. Nguyen Sinh Hung informed reporters that IPU-132’s activities has been carried out smoothly, as planned, scheduled and in a spirit of friendship, solidarity, cooperation and responsibility.
Vietnam in the role of the host has issued the general topic for the IPU-132, that is “The Sustainable Development Goals: Turning words into action”. This is very important and practical content of this IPU that is highly appreciated by all parliamentary leaders, parliamentarians and guest who joined this IPU. All members of this IPU has actively contributed and debated about this topic and other important document of IPU-132.
According to Mr. President, the IPU’s committee has passed a lot of important resolutions, such as: Cyber warfare – A serious threat to peace and global security”, “Shaping a new system of water governance: Promoting parliamentary action on water”, “International law as it relates to national sovereignty, non-intervention in the internal affairs of States and human rights”
On the topic of emergency, the IPU-132 has discussed and passed the resolution of “The role of parliaments in combating all terrorist acts perpetrated by organizations such as Daesh and Boko Haram against innocent civilians, in particular women and girls”, Mr. Hung said.
IPU also adopted the Hanoi Declaration, which reaffirmed the vision of the parliaments for the sustainable development in which people are in the center; ensuring all of human rights; eradicating poverty in all forms and eliminating inequality; empowering individuals to promote their full potential.
The Declaration stressed that countries should fully respect the UN Charter and international law to ensure peace and international security.
The Declaration also confirmed poverty eradication and sustainable development are joint responsibility, which requires members try to adjust resources better and fairer. All State members committed to turn words into action, do its best to make domestic law, policies to ensure the implementation of resolutions, which were adopted at this IPU, to serve for the sustainable development goals.
Talking about the contribution of Vietnam National Assembly in contents of all sessions of the IPU-132, Mr. Saber Chowdbury, the President of IPU affirmed that Vietnam has made a huge contribution. The general topic chosen by Vietnam has shaped all discussions, this is suitable and smart choice that is right on what people are paying much attention to.
So, what does the results of this IPU affect the operation of Vietnam’s National Assembly?
“In the near time, Vietnam National Assembly will actively innovate and make laws that will be closer to the daily life and Millennium Development Goals. As well, we will do to turn these goals into real actions, in which people are the central” Mr. Hung said.
On the topic of national sovereignty, especially about land and sea disputes, Mr. Saber Chowdhury said respecting national sovereignty, self-determination of nations, non-intervention in the internal affairs of States are among basic rules of IPU.
The President of Vietnam National Assembly, Mr. Nguyen Sinh Hung also affirmed that, IPU respects human right which is associated with national sovereignty, freedom and democracy; IPU respects international laws and calls on every country and its people to respect international laws to solve all issues at global level./.

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Phạm Hiếu 10/4/15 20:53

The successful hosting of the IPU-132 by Vietnam consolidated the country’s reputation in the international arena,

Lê Tín 10/4/15 20:54

The event constituted a new step towards strengthening relations between the National Assembly of Vietnam and other parliament

Quốc Cường 10/4/15 20:56

International guest, who attended the IPU-132, impressed with the host’s hospitality, landscapes, traditional culture and infrastructure facilities

Quốc Kiên 10/4/15 20:59

the IPU-132 would contribute to strengthening the political, economic and trade relations between Vietnam and international friends

Huy Lâm 10/4/15 21:03

This is very important event and also a good chance for Vietnam to show its charm and potential

Hùng Quân 10/4/15 21:05

Taking place from March 28 to April 1 in Hanoi, the IPU-132 brought together parliamentarians from 127 member parliaments

Quân Hoàng 10/4/15 21:06

Parliamentarians reaffirmed the vision of a people-centred sustainable development agenda based on the realisation of universal human rights, eradicating poverty and eliminating inequalities, thus empowering individuals to reach their full potential.

Vân Nhàn 10/4/15 21:09

People are always put in the center of the discussion of the IPU-132 and human rights are protected better after the IPU-132

Huy Quốc 10/4/15 21:11

Turning words into action

Hoàng Lân 10/4/15 21:17

The IPU-132 has great historical and diplomatic significance for Viet Nam, reflecting the Vietnamese National Assembly's willingness to integrate intensively and extensively with the international community as a responsible member of the global parliamentary union.

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