Vietnamese youth need a breakthrough in creative thinking

                                                       Vietnamese youth in social activity

Each of young Vietnamese people has to prepare carefully for knowledge, spirit and skill to get outstanding creativity.
Nowadays, Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union has about 7 millions. This is core forces of Vietnamese youth who are expected to make huge progress of the nation in the period of knowledge economy and international integration. But to get the job done, members of Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union in particular and Vietnamese youngsters in general have to make a breakthrough in creative thinking.
With the “Nothing is impossible” spirit, for 30 years of country’s reform, all generations of Youth Union members have been promoted their activeness and voluntary to contribute to the country’s social-economic development. The Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union have created and specified a lot of big movements for Vietnamese youngsters, such as “Youth build career”, “Youth protect country”, “Young volunteer to build and protect the nation”. These movements have effected largely in lifestyle of Vietnamese young generation. The contents of the movements are close to reality, demand and desire of young objects.
In this “flat world”, Vietnam Youth Union’s members have many more chances to enrich knowledge, study, exchange and practice. And now we have more and more Vietnamese people who are young, famous and successful.
The information explosion has been causing many negative effects to young people. They are now lazy in thinking, doing their work without any preparation and depending so much on Internet, they don’t know how to express the ideas or how to evaluate sources of information (the good or the bad) and a lot of other bad habits. This situation is due to the fact that young Vietnamese people are not fully trained with necessary skills, having no suitable environment that stimulates creativity or be accessed by leveling manner. So a lot of young people are lazy to think or do differently…
Therefore, besides the movements to gather young people for entertainment, we really need organize movements that promote a breakthrough in creative thinking in young Vietnamese people. This is crucial in the content of globalization as today, to make the Youth Union’s movements more effective and practical.
The creative thinking is considered the pinnacle of thinking. In development of knowledge economy, the creative thinking will raise values of products. The breakthrough in creative thinking will contribute to make big improvement of each unit or country.
The environment for creativity now has been widened with a lot of channels, such as university, friends, family, Internet… Each of young Vietnamese people has to prepare carefully for knowledge, spirit and skill to get outstanding creativity, passion and decisiveness to have success in our career and life. Whenever facing with difficulty, we have to think carefully to find the best solution that makes a good habit and develops creative thinking.
Family, school and units that employ labor must have policies to attract talented people, give good promotion for those who have creative ideas and work. To promote creative thinking, we need change the method of education in the way to stimulate the Youth to think and do creatively./.
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Quân Hoàng 4/4/15 15:35

In my opinion, I think young Vietnamese also have to be more active in social activities. It's very good for young people to grow up.

Huy Quốc 4/4/15 15:39

The owners of the country in the future have to be well prepared in knowledge, spirit and skill.

Hoàng Lân 4/4/15 15:42

Young Vietnamese are very clever and now what they need is just to be more confident in themselves.

Vân Nhàn 4/4/15 15:49

The Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union's members are progressive youths, striving for the Party’s ideal and goal of national independence and socialism, for the cause of rich people, strong country, just, democratic and civilized society.

Hùng Quân 4/4/15 15:50

“There is no hard work at all The only fear is inconsistent mind Tunneling a mountain or filling up a sea. Setting mind we will surely do…”

Phạm Hiếu 4/4/15 15:54

The Gov also have to create more favorable conditions for young people to develop and show their ability.

Lê Tín 4/4/15 15:57

In ideology, young Vietnamese should set a goal of being a member of the Communist Party of Vietnam, so they would always be on the right track of their life.

Quốc Kiên 4/4/15 15:58

The HCYU is a reliable reserve force of the Communist Party of Vietnam and a school of socialism for youth, represents and protects youth’s legal rights and is a core political force in youth movements as well as in other youth organizations of Vietnam

Quốc Cường 4/4/15 16:03

The Youth have huge responsibility to take and also a lot of good results are waiting for them.

Huy Lâm 4/4/15 16:11

Thinking creatively the young Vietnamese will soon achieve a lot of breakthrough in life, work and even love.

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