The 1975 Spring Victory: The truth can not be distorted

Forty years ago on April 30, 1975, the Vietnamese people, led by the Communist Party, were finally victorious in the long just struggle for national independence and unification against the United States and its puppet regime in Saigon (named Ho Chi Minh city after that). It is a victory of just, peace and patriotism. But after all these years, some individuals, especially people who exiled from country after the war, still refuse to accept failure and try to lower the important meaning and significance of the triumph.
 Some elements, backed by hostile forces, have conducted many activities against the Party and State. They’ve published articles, books, films that distort the truth about the Vietnam war and our revolution’s leaders like President Ho Chi Minh, General Vo Nguyen Giap, who even enemies and western media must admit their talent and righteousness.
 They mostly were the old regime’s officials and personnel who still keep their hatred and try to take revenge against their own country. Ironically, while many Vietnamese people now have tried to forget and put aside loss and grief of the war, these elements keep holding on their prejudice and old-fashioned minds about the present government. Why don’t they see what the Party, State and Vietnamese people had sacrificed and lost many lives to gain the freedom and independence. Why don’t they see what Vietnam has been developed and how Vietnamese people’s lives have been improved after the war. And, why, I can’t understand why these individuals are still too conservative and selfish to overcome the past.
 So ashameful when some said that Vietnam could be different if they didn’t choose war but allied with the U.S., and that is the Communist Party of Vietnam had pushed the country into the war, and that is the Communist Party of Vietnam must take responsibility for the huge losses and damages which Vietnamese people suffered from the war, and they even said that the Vietnam war is a useless war. Those, who shamelessly said that, are so inhuman and ungrateful to the huge sacrifice of martyrs and patriots who had spent all their lives and blood struggling for the country’s independence and freedom. Vietnamese people didn’t ask for war. Vietnam didn’t invade or attack the U.S., why the American came and invade Vietnam. They don’t have right to penetrate other country’s soil and tell Vietnamese people what to do. And, so honorably that our country, our people never allow that to happen. And, to remind those have a short-term memory, there are many obvious consequences of colonialism and imperialism you can learn from the history. Vietnamese people never forget the 1945 starvation, the My Lai massacre and many bloodshed of the U.S army during the war. In my opinion, under any circumstances and excuses, contemporaries shouldn’t and don’t have right to judge the history. Like a well-known saying says that if you fire at the past from a pistol, the future will shoot back from a cannon. These elements have carried out many operations, activities protest against the country which have caused many damages to Vietnam’s national interests. What will these people take in return for what they have done? I don’t know. But, I am sure that there’s no good for the country and people of Vietnam. These people always claim themselves patriots and in the name of patriotism to call people join their hostile activities. So, please, if you truly love the country and your countrymen, leave us alone from those filthy acts and unkind plots. If you don’t do anything good for the country, don’t do anything harmful, that helps.
 To the U.S., you are a power with strong army and wealthy economy, no one deny that, but you should review the history before interfering in our country again. In the 1975 victory, America experienced an earthshaking lesson in Vietnam — “Stop your unjust wars of aggression!” —but Washington learned nothing from its humiliating defeat except to shift its battlefields of choice from Southeast Asia to Southwest Asia (i.e., the Middle East). The U.S. went on to fight in Iraq three times and impose long sanctions in 25 continuous years; in Afghanistan the Pentagon has been fighting for 14 years and has achieved nothing; in Libya the U.S. bombed for less than a year but managed to spark a civil war and open the door to the Islamic State in the process. Many smaller incursions have taken place since losing the Vietnam war. For instance, the Obama Administration for years took actions to overthrow Syrian President Assad, and all the White House has to show for it is a jihadi war led by the Islamic State and the al-Nusra Front (the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda).
Since the end of World War II, America is the world’s principal mass killer but its people are so accustomed to wars that cause them no pain and suffering that they easily support, or are indifferent to, unjust aggression in the name of protecting America. Ironically, there’s hardly any need to protect America, enclosed between two oceans in an impenetrable fortress. But government fear mongering about the nation’s vulnerability is a most useful lie intended to perpetuate Washington’s insistence upon functioning as global overlord and military superpower.
The overwhelming majority of Americans knew absolutely nothing about their own country’s involvement in Vietnam until around 1965 when President Lyndon Johnson began to vastly increase the U.S. troop component, which reached 549,500 mostly conscript personnel in 1968. By then, a vibrant antiwar movement was shaking the White House to the extent that Johnson announced he would not run for re-election. He retired in disgrace for what became a very unpopular war. Richard Nixon, Johnson’s elected replacement, caused many more Vietnamese (and Cambodian) deaths in the name of seeking peace. But by 1975, with the fall of Saigon, they were obliged to flee in extreme haste as liberation forces closed in and quickly declared victory.

 In conclusion, history is inevitable and can not be changed, but people can learn lessons from what they did. After 40 years of the war, the world now can see who is right, who is wrong, what is worthy of, what is not. Let put aside the past and enter the new stage of cooperation and development./.
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