The lesson of respecting and listening to the public


Recently, people and businesses all have concurred and encouraged when the leaders of the Party, State and many ministries, departments and local levels actively diversified methods of contact, maintained hotline, organized formal dialogue regularly and frequently, directly listen, timely explained and feedbacked to the public opinion.
Ministry of Finance acquired more appropriate recommendations, drastically reformed tax and customs administration in order to shorten the time for tax payment and customs clearance of companies. The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Industry and Trade, Planning and Investment have made efforts to review and shorten the list of “sublicense”, creating a healthy environment and well-ventilated for business. Ministry of Science and Technology has listened to the recommendations of enterprises and promptly modified the conditions for importing used machinery and equipment which was highly appreciated by many companies. Ministry of Communication and Transportation drastically reformed the railways, roads, aviation. The other ministries also considered listening to the people and businesses as an essential tasks in their operations. The provinces of Quang Ninh, Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Da Nang and many locals always appoint the highest leaders in the direct dialogue with businesses and citizens. In particular, the Government is promoting the construction of consultation process under the principle of WTO’s openness and transparency in the formulation of policies and laws, which will be issued in 2016.
The innovated spirit in awareness, thinking for business community and citizens; enhancement of coordination among government agencies; standardization, public and transparent rules and procedures for comments, feedback have been creating new motivation for enhancing reality, confidence for consumer and social consensus; improving the capacity, effectiveness and efficiency of state management and quality of both macro and micro economic development.
That explains why the plan to replace the thousands of trees in Hanoi is becoming hot event among public concern. People do not oppose the replacement of dangerous and inappropriate trees towards a  green, clean beautiful and civilized capital. But people reacted because their legitimate right to approach information has not been respected and they feared a number of issues have not yet been explained thoroughly and transparently.
With spirituality, leaders listened, halted the project and formed a working group to review responsibility and comprehensive inspection of replacement trees on some routes in the city. Some local leaders and  officers at construction department were temporarily suspended to learn from experience about the above matter  and consult with people and scientists about the guidelines, the best decision to bring the best interests for people in solving problems related to community and society. This unfortunate incident would not happen if involved agencies and individuals strictly followed state regulations and ensured the quality of information, communication and related accountability ...
The lesson to ensure the right of approaching information, listening and respecting the public will always be a hot issue for the state management agencies.

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vietnames Gov guarantee more democracy and ready to listen and respect the public opinion

Thị Trinh 17/4/15 00:44

Gov is carrying serious inspectation of cutting down trees in Ha noi? hope so.

Tứ Long 17/4/15 00:48

Hanoi has accepted it's mistake already, hope not repeat again.

it's important that make clear who tree-cutting related responsiblity belong to, and need to strictly punish to deter others

Funny Day 19/4/15 08:44

hope Hanoi authority deeply learn from experience and strictly reveiw through the tree-cutting

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