Information security is everyone's responsibility

To protect and guarantee information security for people and businesses is an urgent need today. Following the trend of globalization, such is no less important than needs to be secured safely in traffic, using food and drink...
Recently, cases relating to information security issues continuously happen and affected subjects are from all walks of life including individuals, agencies and businesses. Moreover, there are many attacks from foreign networks, posing threats to national security. However, the demand of to be protected information has not yet been fully guaranteed by the law. Although there have been some regulations but scattered in documents of ministries and sanctions is not clear and do not keep up with social life. Many cases bearing signs of crime, profiteering illicit from infringement of information by others but almost no individual or organization that dealt with this situation due to the lack of specific and strict regulations. It is well understood that universal values ​​and rules in the world when the individuals and legal entities are protected with freedoms, democracy and involability. However, awareness of the right to inviolability seems not to be fully realized, especially on the website, forums, even in the press. For example, many countries specify that someone can not take pictures without permission, except in some cases (also specified in the legislation), but it is allowed in case of over five people because of exeeding privacy requirement. However, it also specifies which objects are allowed to take photos without permission (eg celebrities like singers, actors, etc ...), but encompassing limitations. To take photographs of private houses without permission is illegal but alike actions to a cluster of five and over is allowed too.
The provisions are necessary and compatible with the requirements of protecting freedom and inviolability for citizens, but it also seems strange to many Vietnamese people not including those who knowingly infringe the right of safety information for profit and many people unknowingly conduct erroneous activities because of insufficient awareness both in terms of their rights, nor the rights of others.
Therefore more than ever, society needs a full set of laws regulating the rights and obligations of citizens and organizations in ensuring information security. This is also a legal framework to guide the activities of information security for involved services to develop, meeting the requirements of a modern society - a society of information.

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actually, almost the Vietnamese's awareness and consciousness of information security is low. alot of them don't care of information safety

Quay Tay 17/4/15 00:21

hackers nowaday is popular so everyone should alert. computer crimes cause headache for goverments, even US.

Rực Rỡ 17/4/15 00:29

they lead to severely damages, so should punish strictly who that carry out the action

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