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These days, due to disagreement with Article 60 of the Law on Social Insurance 2014 about social insurance allowance, some workers at Co. Ltd POUYUEN in Vietnam (Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City) has stopped working concomitantly. In the March 31st, President Vietnam Labor Federation Dang Ngoc Tung said the fact that workers expressed their views on matters directly relating to the rights and interests is legitimate. Vietnam Labor Confederation is colecting full reviews of workers to petition the competent authority to consider and resolve.
On the basis of the legitimate aspirations of workers, Vietnam Labor Confederation reports and recommends to the Minister of Labour - War Invalids and Social Welfare, the Prime Minister, to resolve satisfactorily the interests of workers. Accordingly, from now until December 31st, 2015, the social insurance standard will be maintained under the provisions of the current social insurance law. After 2015, Congress will correct payment of social insurance subsidies once by letting employees freely to elect social insurance benefits once as the old or follow SI Act of 2014. President of the Vietnam Labor Confederation urged officers, members, worker be assured to work for ensuring their income and reflecting the sense of responsibility for business and society. Do not let the bad people take advantage to incite doing instigate which can affect businesses, the security situation, the local order. Grassroots trade union organizations in the enterprise should give information and propagandize widely purposes as well as the meaning of social insurance policies; mobilizing union members, workers positively emulate production, contributing to economic and social development.
On April 1st, Ministry of Labour - War Invalids and Social Welfare sent Dispatch No.1126 to Ho Chi Minh City People's Committee and Dispatch No. 1127 to people’s committee on the recorded comments and recommendations of the workers after a number of them in Ho Chi Minh city stopped working collectively to express disagreement with the provisions of Article 60 of the Insurance  Law 2014 on solving social insurance in once.
Accordingly, on March 31st, Ministry of Labour - War Invalids and Social Welfare sent Report No. 38 / BC-LĐTBXH to the Prime Minister, suggested report to the National Assembly Standing Committee, the National Assembly for flexible consideration and settlement allowing workers to choose between social insirance in once or reserved time was close to social insurance and pension. Suggest Chairman of Ho Chi Minh City People's Committees and other  provinces and cities in directing concerned agencies and departments to officially announce the direction of the Ministry of Labour - War Invalids and Social Welfare proposed to the Prime Minister for workers back to work soon, stabilizing production and business.

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