40 years after wars: Tolerance of the Motherland


40 years after wars, the country is unified, but the issue of reconciliation between the country and Vietnamese emigrants to America still remain trouble. Based on human culture of our tradition, tolerance and the trend of peace, global cooperation, skipping the past hatred and uniting all social elements are objective and essential requirements.
Ambassador Nguyen Khac Huynh, a senior diplomat, former member of the Vietnam delegation for the Paris peace agreement 1973 told that when he anticipated a conference on the Vietnam war at the university of Brown in the United States, the organization board conducted a exchange meeting with professors and nearly 1,000 students. One student asked why Vietnam has won the war, liberated the south of Vietnam and unifed the country, still millions of Vietnamese have left the country. The ambassador answered that the exodus of millions of Vietnamese people was a historical fact. There are many reasons for that. First, during the war, the U.S. officials and the Saigon administrations and media carried out many propaganda campaigns which claimed that there would be a bloodshed if the communists of Vietnam won the war. These propaganda campaign caused worries and panic for people, especially who worked for the Saigon regime, wealthy people who saw no advantages for their bussiness or who favored economic chances in America than poor and war-torn country in Vietnam emigrated to the U.S. and other Western countries like France, Australia, Germany, Canada… However, in spite of any reasons and ways of emigration, we always consider them Vietnamese and are willing to leave open doors for people to come back, to visit homeland and contact relatives.
The fact that many Vietnamese emigrating to the U.S. after the day of 30th April, 1975 is reality and belongs in the historical background at that time, so don’t cite these exodus to judge and criticize the present administration or the Party and State of Vietnam. In history of many countries in the world, the emigration of parts of people of losing sides after wars is normal due to principles of post-war circumstances. Nowadays, the emigration of Vietnamese to America is a historical fact, there should be no time to judge and accuse or hold resposibilities for anyone. The important thing is to reconciliate the country and people to mobilize all resources of Vietnamese people everywhere for the career of constructing and developing the country.
A sad thing is that there are still many groups and individuals who hold tight to their prejudices and conduct many activities against the Party and State of Vietnam. Some former officials and soldiers under the Saigon regime still keep their hatred and try to take revenge blindly. They call the victory day of 30th April, 1975 “the national day of hatred”, so ignorant that they don’t understand about how losses and damages that our country has suffered from wars, how many our talent youth and people sacrificed themselves for the freedom and independence of the country. That is a crime to the country’s history and martyrs!. However, there are still many people who hold opposite ideas because they don’t have access to right and precise information but being incited and decieved by false information from hostile forces.
Now, there are about four millions of Vietnamese people living and working abroad. Most of them have supported and contributed for the country’s development. And they will play an important role in the career of building and protecting the country.
The Resolution No 36-NQ/TW of the politburo on affairs of Vietnamese abroad in March 26th 2004 assert that Vietnamese abroad are an integral part and a resource of the Vietnamese people, a leading factor in promoting cooperations and relationships with other nations in the world. The key point in reconciliation is a viewpoint of the motherland. Childs could leave their parents but parents are always tolerant and willing to forgive and welcome them back. So, people who are still afraid and hold prejudices about the country should consider that the motherland always waits and opens for them to come back.
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Funny Day 11/5/15 02:24

in recent years, there are more many oversea-Vietnamese people coming back the country to invest and make a positive contribution to the country's building and developing.

the Party and Goverment have enected many policies which create favorable conditions for Vietkieu's coming back.

Rực Rỡ 11/5/15 02:41

it is a shame for those who conduct activities against the Party and State of Vietnam

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