Intentions of ​​the American dissidents with Vietnam


Since 1995, after the US and Vietnam relations were established, there have been the first Vietnamese Americans to return to Vietnam to find and visit the loving home image; many entrepreneurs have quietly returned home to find business opportunities or trade merchants. Over 20 years, the family visits, tourism and trading are no longer the job in silent. This little road has become immense avenue, unrestricting anyone. In recent years, political-economic status of Vietnam in the region and in the international arena has become more important. Vietnam is considered as a country with economic potentiality in Southeast Asia. The friendly visits of Vietnam leaders and vice versa occur steadily... However, the positive news in Vietnam is not to be popularized with the other countries. They may be distorted, perverted by the “politicians’ and “political organizations” who have different views with the Government of Vietnam. Realistic picture of the country was covered with a layer of fog and purposefully disturbed. So what the purpose and motive of the “political activists” is? What do they want when they always have the attitude of hostility to the Government of Vietnam?
Previously, the gimme individuals and political organizations had ambitions of “communist subversion” by force in order to restore power then over time they know that they are unable to do that because there is no ability, strength. Upon learning can not replace the right to lead the country, the “political activists” make effort to turn them into a kind of government in small communities, they impose “extreme anti-Communism” on who are in similar situations. They want to turn ‘the refugee community” into collective extremes, shouting anti-communist in any form in order to profit personally and for their organization. Political rights do not come from Vietnam, which come from the host country in the fall election two or four years at all levels from state to federal. In order to poll Vietnamese voters, the candidates plead or “buy” from community leaders across the guise of “anti-communism” or “democracy, freedom, human rights”. During the election, the anti-communist organizations collude with the anti-communist media to manipulate community’s activities. The difficulties, social problems, negative phenomena in Vietnam are “good material” for the political activists to manipulate communities to make up the shield concealing the political motivation of self-interest. On that occasion, the Vietnamese community in Southern California usually works very exciting, this is the first opportunity for the dissidents to organize numerous forms of “anti-communism” as protests against the Vietnam government, demanding freedom for “the dissidents” etc.. They protest against Vietnam to resonate, making the achievement. Demonstrators and sticking label on somebody as communists to compete trafficking occur frequently. The benefit cake is shared equally for a struggling minority organizations and community leaders. Some newspapers and media organizations against communism also benefit from election advertising. Therefore, material and politic interests of a minority will continue to exist if the majority of Vietnamese Americans lack objective and truthful information about Vietnam.

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