“True human rights” and “False human rights”

In social life, people counter multi-faceted impacts from differences of economy, political system, culture, traditions… Together working out similarities is necessary and is common responsibility to build a good society which is full of affection and respects. So that, people must accept differences to together live in a unified world on basis of respecting and ensuring people’s fundamental rights.
On that spirit, Vietnam always defines human rights are people’s respectful fundamental rights in all societies. Though, there’s still a lot of difficulties, the Party and State of Vietnam have always respected and guaranteed people’s fundamental rights not only by perfecting law system, policies of human rights but also implementing them in reality. Respecting, ensuring and promoting human rights are performed on many aspects, such as freedom of speech, freedom of press and religion; enhancing social welfares, healthcare system, poverty eradication, education and training…
As a responsible member of United Nations and the international community, Vietnam always bears and respects international commitments and requirements of human rights. Overcoming many obstacles and challenges, including hostile forces’ acts of sabotage, the Party and State of Vietnam always respects and protects human rights in order to improve people’s life quality. There are some achievements of human rights for the past few years:
After 20 years of implementing programs of poverty eradication by strategies of investing infrastructures, developing facilities, creating jobs, supporting poor families, especially ethnic groups, encouraging charities. For now, about 90.7 percentages of the poor have access to electricity; more than 85 percentages of farmers have access to clean living water; 100 percentages of provinces and local areas have health care facilities and national roads. Thousands of charity houses and hundreds of projects of social housings have been carried out to meet the demands of priority groups. With achievements of implementing Millenium Development Goals (MDGs), Vietnam has been praised by United Nations and international organizations. We have received Award of eradicating poverty given by Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).
Based on the stance of building a state of law to protect human rights and defend the country’s sovereignty, independence and entire territory, the Party and State of Vietnam has continuously perfected law system to promote human rights and improve people’s life. Drafts of laws have been publicized on mass media for public opinions. Many conferences, meetings, debates… have been held by governmental and non-governmental organizations. People, experts inside and outside the country have directly contributed ideas to law-making agencies or even the National Assembly. Typically, gathering people’s opinions on the 2013 Draft of Constitutions shows respect of human rights and determination of building a state of people, to people, for people. All law documents has been improved and expressed social progresses. In reality, recent years human rights have been more and more ensured. For example, Vietnam now is one of the largest country in Internet development and one of six countries which have implemented more MDGs before 2015. With these achievements, Vietnam has been elected to United Nations Human Rights Council by the most votes.
About spiritual life, the Party and State of Vietnam always consider practicing rights of religious freedom as an essential expression of human rights. To date, Vietnam has 95 per cent of the population having religion’s life. There are 38 religions operating in Vietnam now from 13 before the Doi Moi. One of prominent issues is improving relations between Vietnam and Vatican. Two sides have conducted many exchange activities to promote the relations, and it is optimictic that both countries will establish official relationship in a near future.
The real situation is obvious, but so ashamed that few individuals, due to their selfishness and narrow-mindedness, haven’t done anything to contribute for the career of constructing and developing the country but allied with hostile forces abroad to conduct many distorted propaganda campaign against the Party and State. While a large number of Vietnamese people abroad have been working hard day by day to contribute for the country, these elements have just received filthy money from hostile outsiders to protest against their own peoples, their own country. These individuals have turned themselves into puppets serving for foreign elements who bear no good attentions to our country and national interests.
In addition, some elements inside our country have abused our government short-comings to speak out that Vietnam has no human rights and democracy, no press freedom… Let ask a question that if so, how can they freely post their false allegations on the Internet? So, they should wake up from those wrong activities and do good things for the country. They should know that America and Western countries just use human rights as a mean to interfere in other countries’ sovereignty and national security. There’s no good intention in that at all! 
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Hùng Quân 4/5/15 22:07

I agree with the article. What is true or false human rights? There's no standard for that. And U.S or Western countries don't have any rights to proclaim themselves example!

Vân Nhàn 4/5/15 22:08

Yeah, we must accept differences to together live in a unified world on basis of respecting and ensuring people’s fundamental rights.

Hoàng Lân 4/5/15 22:11

So ironic that U.S and EU claim themselves rights to condemn and judge Vietnam and other countries different from them human rights violation.

Huy Quốc 4/5/15 22:13

Don't believe any Western allegations.

Quân Hoàng 4/5/15 22:14

Vietnam always bears and respects international commitments and requirements of human rights.

Lê Tín 4/5/15 22:16

We are so free here, don't need anyone ask that for us, so please, leave us alone, we have enough wars.

Quốc Cường 4/5/15 22:19

Those hostile forces bear no good intention, they just care about their benefits.

Huy Lâm 4/5/15 22:21

The Party and State of Vietnam has issued many policies for enhacing social welfare and improving people's life.

Quốc Kiên 4/5/15 22:24

Vietnam has its own characteristics in implementing human rights and democracy, the U.S. and EU should respect and accept that.

Phạm Hiếu 4/5/15 22:26

See, now, we have Internet free more than any nations, social network and press freedom.

Trần Bướng 7/5/15 23:24

Vietnam used to be a country which suffered many losses and dolorous caused by the wars in the past, so Vietnam alwways makes an effort to bring all best thing to the people

Tứ Long 7/5/15 23:32

some reactionaries and international humanright organizations often calumniate Vietnames Govermenap supperesses the poeple's humanright

They have distorted the situation in Vetnam with ugly plots which will remove the leadership of the Party

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