The fruits of national solidarity (Part 1)


On April 15, 2015, an article appeared on some foreign sites and titled: “How many percent of communist left in Vietnam”. The article demonstrated a superficial and contradictory look of the author in the development of Vietnam after 40 years of reunification. Opening the article, the author cited: “... Many international tourists to Vietnam are really astonished to witness a Communist country completely different from what they imagined ...”. In the opinion of the author, the imagination of international tourists to Vietnam is poverty, backwardness because ‘the surprise” was explained by the following: “On the crowded street full of fast food and electronic brands of Apple…”. The author said that it was a symbol of capitalism (?).
Not only that, the article released a survey figure by a research center on the belief in the development of Vietnam's economy with 95% of respondents believe in economic development in Vietnam. According to the article, this figure is much higher than a similar survey in the US, South Korea and China. However, the author argued a very vague and untrue allegation to the socio-economic development in Vietnam.
It is not automatic when “many international tourists to Vietnam are really shocked to witness a Communist country completely different from what they imagined ...” because in the past 40 years since the day the country was completely liberated, Communist Party of Vietnam, the State of Vietnam have made suitable economic and social development policies while constantly expanded external relations and cooperation with the countries in the world. In particular, Vietnam is a safe destination as a favorable and effective investment environment for businesses worldwide. This is not evaluated by not only Vietnamese but also the opinion of world recognition, even politicians, big business of developing countries, countries without the same political regime like Vietnam.
In an interview with Vietnam Television’s in working visit to Vietnam recently (April 2015), Norway Prime Minister Erna Solberg stated: “I always think that every country must themselves have policies for major issues such as the environment or education first, then each country through political links and dialogue for cooperation and mutual learning. Besides my capacity as Prime Minister of Norway, I also co-chaired the group promoting the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) of the United Nations Secretary General. In this position, I can evaluate that Vietnam has made significant progress in implementing the Millennium goals. These figures are very impressive, with a 3/8 goals completed ahead of schedule. Vietnam's progress is recognized not only in economic terms but also in terms of society: Poverty alleviation; education and development of ethnic minorities ...”. Yet in the above article, the author tried to explain and deny the achievements in the implementation of social welfare policies; job creation; reducing the poverty rate in Vietnam... So, the assessment by Norway's Prime Minister as co-chair of the Group to promote Millennium Development Goals of the United Nations is inaccurate and lacks of foundation”.

There are many evidences including not only the assessment, review of the world on changes and development of Vietnam after 40 years of reunification but also demonstrated in the figures on economic growth; per capita income and poverty reduction in Vietnam ... All the evidences are very objective and verified by social reality as well as recorded by friends in the world. According to the Government's report on the economic and social situation in 2013, the result of three years of implementation of 5-year plan (2011-2015) and 2014 - 2015 tasks showed: Despite many difficulties and many spheres of the world situation, but thanks to the efforts of the entire people and Vietnam army, the business community and the political system under the leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam, the administration of the State , the situation of social and economic changes have had many positive movements in the right direction on every fields. Under the leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam, the government and the ministries, branches and localities in the country focused on removing difficulties for production and business; marketing support; resolving bad debts; inventory and credit instruction in the priority areas. O an average in three years, GDP rose by 5.6% per year. Industrial production and building gradually recovered; agricultural and service sector continued steady growth. (To be continued)
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