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Born in Vietnam and living in the US, the General Secretary of VietWeekly Magazine (US), Etcetera Nguyen has had the opportunities to return to Vietnam for operations in recent years. To celebrate the 40 years since the liberation of the South and reunification of the country, Mr. Etcetera Nguyen has written about his thoughts on the substance of ‘anti-communist” activity abroad, the role of Vietnam Weekly in reporting objectively and truthfully about the countr ...
Since 2006, the VietWeekly reporters have decided to come back Vietnam for reporting local news. They come to report objectively and truthfully and make a new wind of information from Vietnam directly to the abroad community. There have been a series of reports on regional life, the interviews, exchanges between people on all levels from local to central leaders... This activity brought many new things which help expatriates around the world to see and understand more about Vietnam. Especially the visits to the sea and island organized by the State of Vietnam and State Committee on Vietnamese oversea in recent years, have shown what is happening in waters of country’s sovereignty and helped readers better understand the sea and islands situation. Since 2013, Mr. Etcetera Nguyen has been the only Vietnamese American reporter who living and working out a permanent public in Vietnam. He has the chance to go many places, personally learn practical life of people. He listens intently everywhere, noting specific thorough and true tales. He realizes that the majority of people want to do business in peace. They try to work with a desire of increasingly better life. Everyone wants peace to do business. What strikes him most when working in Vietnam is the young generation. In those days in Vietnam, he choose Sword Lake in Hanoi as “mobile office” to work as a journalist and make painting for guests, he had  chances to see many students come out to meet foreign guests to practice English, French, Korean, Japanese, etc. I shared with their desires, what their social activities and thinking of the country in the future. In comparison with the US or other Western countries, Vietnam still has a lot to innovate and reorganize from law to law enforcement, the economy to education and many other fields. However, considering my youth time, young people today live happily with much more conditions. The foreigners to do business, tourists in Hanoi and other regions that I met all have positive and optimistic comments about people, the country of Vietnam. Last Christmas, I had the opportunity to return home in Nam Dinh. I was surprised to find a wealth of churches, large and small, old and new, interwoven in each parish. I had filmed the ceremony with thousands of parishioners stood overflowing in the streets. After Tet holiday, I had the opportunity to visit and note many festivals in the North. People were free to express their beliefs and their religious beliefs. Actually what I saw in Vietnam was completely different from the image of Vietnam with “religious persecution” which is said to oversea.
In the US, most Vietnamese Americans choose silence to live in peace. Their children have been successful in their work, many older people have retired and got social benefits. The silence of the crowd is not synonymous with extremism that we see. This majority still has a direct relationship with Vietnam. This majority understands more than the access to the different information coming from social networks, from the media as Viet Weekly. Therefore, the direct and objective information from independent newspapers as Viet Weekly has actively contributed to convincing with expatriates. He himself has a bit of experience as a journalist in Vietnam thanks to live on site, participating in many events happening every day in Hanoi. The articles, reports, video we have made in recent years have been welcome and praised and encouraged by readers everywhere. Readers require us to go more to help them get better insight Vietnam. That is the reward and motivation as well as encouragement for the work of the Viet Weekly Magazine.

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Rực Rỡ 7/5/15 23:53

I think many Vietkieu lack of true information about the motherland, which leads to their prejudice to the country.

Quay Tay 7/5/15 23:56

that's right, so they should come back the country to witness it's positive changes

it is very good if there are many oversea-Vietnamese as Etcetera Nguyen

Trắng Tay 8/5/15 00:02

Nguyen Cao Ky also returned the country, and then he changed postively his thinking and behavior

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