Respecting the truth of Victory Day 9th May

This year, advanced humankind celebrates the 70th anniversary of the Victory over Nazism 9th May. Russia will hold a solemn meeting and parade with the participation of many heads of state in Moscow. Ceremonial activities are also held all over the world. After 70 years, the day of 9th May, 1945 is still an unforgettable landmark in human history about the triumph of human dignity and conscience agaisnt savage and cruel extremist nationalism forces. However, with various political motives, incited by opposite forces, in some countries in East Europe, former member states of Soviet, there are opinions of revision aiming to downgrade the significance and importance of the Victory Day as well as the contributions of the Red Army and Soviet people in the defeat of fascism.
 At early 2015, in context of contradictions between Russia and the U.S. and Western countries, there are some calls of boycotting the anniversary celebration of the Victory Day in Moscow, removing the Red Army soldiers’ graves from cemeteries in some East European countries and statues of Soviet Union leaders… These calls base on allegation that the Soviet Red Army had abused the fight against the fascism to invade East European countries. Another allegation that’s so puerile suggest that Soviet didn’t play important role in the triumph over the fascism but the U.S. and its allies did won the war.
 Those allegations have been rejected by famous historians and leaders of many nations. President V.Putin, 26th January 2015, said any attempt that trys to rewrite the history and downgrade Russian important contribution towards the Great Victory in the World War II means recognization of the Nazis and paves the way for this barbarous fascism. He added the world must protect the truth related to the World War II and can not forget lessons to prevent same catastrophe like the Jewish massacre and other peoples.
 The truth is that the war began from insoluble contradictions between imperialist countries like Germany, Japan, Italy and compromise and concession of the West. Just nearly one year, the Nazi had conquered almost Europe, even powerful France. In June 1941, Hitler began to invade Soviet Union with the army of 5.5 millions troops in attempt of building a German hegemony in the world. With their superior advantages, the Nazi had entered deeply into Soviet land and caused many casualties for innocent Soviet people. The Communist Party and State of Soviet Union had led peoples in a great patriotic struggle against. Soviet peoples sacrificed a lot to break the Nazist invasion and librated not itself but all countries in Europe, even France. In April 30th, 1945, the Soviet Red Army hung flag on the top of the Nazi’s Congress Building in Berlin. A week after, the Nazi was forced to surrender, ending the World War II in Europe. The surrendering pact came into effect early May 9th 1945, and this day is chosen to be the Victory Day - the day marks celebration of the triumph.
 So, to save itself and the world from the fascist genocide, the people and troops of Soviet Union sacrificed 27 millions people. Today, if anyone trys to distort the truth by echoing the role of the second front of the Allies (the U.S., Britain), they should remember that this second front was opened too late (in May 1944) when the Red Army had won many battles, defeated and cast nearly 80 per cent of the German forces. At this time, Germany held no capacity to carry any attack, and the end of war was so obvious. The second front just help make the victory come more quickly.
 Recently, Russian Prime Minister D.Medvedev has asserted that distorting the truth of the World War II and covering war crimes the Nazis will revive the extremist nationalism and ignore lessons which the humankind has learnt from the World War II.
The Victory Day May 9th 1945 is not just the day the humankind was saved from the fascist disaster but also the opportunity for colonial countries to gain independence and freedom. Now, though the international socialism temporarily suffers a setback, the Victory Day still carries a huge significance for advanced humankind, help abolish the colonialism and imperialism, bring freedom and independence for many countries and people in the world. So that, the day will go into history as a truth which can not be denied that the people and Red Army of Soviet Union have played a key role in the triumph over the fascism in the World War II in May 9th 1945 - a victory that opens a new era of the world development history./.
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Phạm Hiếu 8/5/15 23:31

The world will and is not allowed to forget what the Soviet people and the Red Army have done to liberate mankind from the fascist threat.

Quốc Kiên 8/5/15 23:34

Yeah, Russia is a great nation which has sacrificed many things for freedom and independence of many countries.

Huy Lâm 8/5/15 23:35

Let's pay respect to Russian people and soldiers who lost in the war.

Quân Hoàng 8/5/15 23:38

I totally agree with you Pham Hieu, we can not forget, so we have to fight against hostile forces who are trying to reject the truth.

Huy Quốc 8/5/15 23:39

I think Russia could win the war alone without the U.S. and its allies .

Quốc Cường 8/5/15 23:41

The world must pay gratefulness to the Soviet and Russian people and soldier on this day, so great nation!

Lê Tín 8/5/15 23:43

The world must protect the truth related to the World War II and can not forget lessons from that war.

Hoàng Lân 8/5/15 23:45

The U.S. and Western countries are always trying to reject the historic role of Russia, so ashamed!

Vân Nhàn 8/5/15 23:48

Western media have launched many propaganda campaigns to distort the truth, and make people misunderstand about the great heroism of the Soviet Union.

Hùng Quân 8/5/15 23:50

Either Socialism is bad or good, we can not reject that they have defeated one of the most barbarous regime in the world - the Nazi of Hitler, so historic event in humankind

Quay Tay 11/5/15 02:54

I'm really admirable for the Soviet Red Army and Russia, they made a miraculous victory

without the Soviet Red Army, if the world is peaceful as today or not, we should respect and be grateful for them

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