Creating mechanisms for international friends to know Vietnamese culture


Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism has announced the “Strategy for the external culture of Vietnam to 2020 and vision to 2030” (hereinafter referred to as the Strategy). The strategy approved by the Prime Minister by Decision No. 210/QD-TTg on February 8, 2015 shows a huge change in thinking about the role of culture in general and foreign culture in particular.
Foreign culture is made by all levels of society, in which the State plays a leading role, orienting and supporting mechanisms, policies and building national messages to achieve the objective of building culture and people of Vietnam with comprehensive development, make cultural variables become important endogenous strength, enhance national synergy, raise the position and prestige in the international arena, ensure the sustainable development of the country. In foreign cultures, writers, artists... or even every people are ambassadors who promote Vietnam’s culture. We promote Vietnam culture not only abroad but also at our country.
 Previously, we involved foreign culture as cooperated partner. The activities of Vietnam as the organizer are not much. When we participate in activities as the initiative, the activities will promote better effect. Therefore, the Strategy has outlined for the cultural direction of our foreign policy is to proactively plan, find partners, participate in international organizations with multiple status. In addition, Vietnam also has a positive and active participation in cultural external activities with the formal and more long-term plan. Under this Strategy, from now on, ministries, branches and localities are required to develop plans for foreign cultures annually. Pursuant to this, the foreign cultural activities of agencies will be adjusted efficiently, avoiding duplication. Currently, in order to promote the image of the country, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism also cooperates with the Ministry of Information and Communications to exchange external information”.
Reportedly, one of the highlights in the Strategy is to establish a team of counselors on culture, cultural attaché at the diplomatic representative offices of Vietnam in foreign countries and the system of Vietnamese Cultural Center abroad. Currently, we have only two cultural centers in Laos and France. Under the plan, Vietnam aims to build cultural centers in Cambodia, Cambodia, Russia, Japan, USA, China to 2020 and continue to expand in the other key areas to the year 2030. To prepare human resources, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism also makes fostering the first cultural attache’ group (about 20 people). They will be the cultural bridge between Vietnam and the world ...
Discussing about this Strategy, Deputy Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Ho Anh Tuan emphasized: “The strategy has created ways for us to implement a very important role of culture as Resolution No. 33 -NQ / TW of the 9th Conference of the Party Central Committee XI on “The construction and development of culture and people of Vietnam to meet the requirements of development and sustainable country”. This is a drastic change to make a big difference in a positive direction from cooperation to actively integration with the world culture, adding new vitality and value for Vietnamese culture to be healthy strong.

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