Vietnam Heroic Mothers

                         Pupils visit and give flowers to a Vietnamese Heroic Mother on Sunday, May 10

On Sunday, May 10, 2015 the whole world celebrated the international Mother’s Day. The Mother’s Day is a day for many people to show their appreciation towards mothers, grandmothers, and great-grandmothers for their contribution to family and society.
In Vietnam, this day also reminds us of Vietnamese Heroic Mothers. The title “Heroic Vietnamese Mothers” is an honorable title granted by the government of Vietnam to Vietnamese women who made tremendous contributions and sacrifices while making it a national career to fight for independence and to protect the country or in being involved in other international affairs
Vietnam has been without war for more than 30 years. Young generations born during this time of peace only know about wars through documentaries, movies, television dramas, history lessons, exhibitions of photos and artifacts in museums or through the occasional narratives of their grandparents, parents, uncles and aunts. However, living right in the heart of this peaceful country are several living witnesses who experienced the brutal wars fought against France and America that once existed in Vietnam not too long ago. These witnesses are the Mothers-of-War Martyrs or former members of the volunteer youth corps, war veterans or the victims of agent orange and their relatives who are still nursing their dioxin-contaminated children born during or even long after the war. It seems to these people that the wars never ended. The image of war is refreshed repeatedly in their minds by facing the remnants of war in their quotidian lives, or suffering every day from the disabilities that torture them or their loved ones.
Women had to simultaneously take on multiple roles and responsibilities during war, and yet the most frequently depicted image of women in war was that of defenseless victims. Women in the roles of soldiers’ lovers, relatives or mothers were usually described as passive subjects. However, the role of the passive victims of war had significant meaning in maintaining and supporting the fighting ethic of soldiers. The portrait of Vietnamese mothers was highly praised also for the purpose of boosting the ethic of soldiers in fighting to protect their hometown and their beloved ones including their mothers.
This image of an ideal woman has actually long existed in Vietnamese tradition as reflected in the old proverb: “When the enemy comes even women must fight.” This tradition can be found in the long history of resistance against foreign invaders and is illuminated by the legacy of courageous female generals including The Two Trung Sisters (Hai Bà Trưng), Bà Triệu, Bùi Thị Xuân , etc
.Since the beginning of the nation, the Vietnamese Mother has always been an honorable symbol of gentleness, kindness, generosity and loyalty. The images of Mothers have come into poetry and songs for kids to learn about the typical love of human. Vietnamese Mothers have hard-working and tough lives to save the bests for their children and grand-children. In each of our life, Mom is always a firm and steady point for us to lean on, gives us aspiration to live our life and raise us up to become good citizens of society.
These mothers now are the living moral examples of patriotism and unconditional sacrifice for the nation. The images of lonesome mothers who lost their sons during war still arouse sympathy and pity in everyone. The media frequently covers the updated news and pictures of these mothers as the victims of war who had to suffer a tremendous loss. This is still a very powerful and convincing image to remind the present generation about the sacrificial spirit of the former generation in their struggle for peace.
We, who are having an independent and free life, should always ask ourselves what to do, how to contribute to alleviate the pain in the hearts of Mothers. The Party and State have always taken care of Vietnamese Heroic Mother, veterans and their families by preferential treatment policies. The organizations, companies and Vietnamese people have also spent much support for Mothers by various forms like health care, giving food, building house, sharing their loneliness... to make them warm when they’re old and weak. The sincere care and feelings of the society has contributed partly to make Mothers happier, stronger and live longer to see the country and their next generations innovative and developed.
Although there are huge obstacles and challenges laying ahead, we shall live and work to deserve what we have receive from the sacrifice of Vietnamese Heroic Mothers and martyrs by successfully fulfilling the ultimate goal of rich people, democratic, equitable, civilized and powerful country, successfully constructing and firmly protecting our Fatherland, the socialist republic of Vietnam./.

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Tứ Long 12/5/15 23:59

we should be grateful for the mothers who lost their beloved children in the wars, they made contributions and sacrifices for independence and to protect the country.

they desever to be honored. in the past years, the Party and State of Vietnam have implemented many preferential treatment policies

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