Rejecting Russia, Europe isolated itself


Lost of leaders of foreign states and major international organizations have come to Russia to join the 70th anniversary of Victory in the Great War, except European leaders.

The West had isolated itself from the rest of the world by rejecting to join the 70th Anniversary of Russia's Great Patriotic War Victory.
Before the parade, at the Armorial Hall of the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin greeted the leaders of foreign states and major international organizations who have come to Moscow to take part in the celebrations.
The military parade to commemorate the 70th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War has become one of the largest in the history of Red Square, involving 16,000 servicemen, 194 units of land-based military equipment and 143 aircraft and helicopters.
More than 2,000 veterans of the Great Patriotic War attended the parade in Red Square as guests of honor.
The Victory parade in Moscow has deeply impressed the world, it shows that Mr. Putin has not been isolated, and indeed the isolation has come back to the people who had rejected the Russia’s invitation to take part in the anniversary.
It’s big mistake to say that those who attended the parade are less politically important than those who refused to attend this activity.
There were not all of Europe’s leaders had rejected to join the anniversary. In the Victory Day, the stand in Red Square had the Prime Minister of Greece Alexis Tsipras and  the President of Cyrus’s Nikos Anastasiadis; the two countries which have been close to Russia due to not only the Orthodox Church, but also they have clearly aware of the bitter mistake of the Europe.
Deeply inside the decision of Europe’s leaders not to join the anniversary of the Victory Day in Moscow there was the submission of Brussels to the US. This decision was to please the Europe’ alliance; in fact, Mr. Obama, the owner of puppet theatre, has inflated anti-Russia activities. Europe had forgotten basic principles in an alliance: where it is and what it needs? While it shares European continent with Russia and it need Russia’s natural gas to keep it warm in freezing days in winter...
On 9th May, the Prime Minister of Italy, Berlusconi also stated the same things. He called the absence of European leaders in Moscow parade is short-sighted policy.
“What we are doing is a big mistake. The stand in Red Square, where Putin and leaders come from a lot of countries like China, India and other Asian countries, is not a site of isolation to Russia, it is proof of Europe’s decrease”, he said.
Another Italian politician, Mr. Matteo Salvini, the leader of “Lega Nord” also expressed his respect for President Putin. On May 9, he posted on Facebook a photo of him with Vladimir Putin with the caption: "I'm with him."
In the Italian politician opinion, Italian Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni should have joined the parade on the occasion of the Victory Day because Russia with the leadership of President Vladimir Putin is an valuable economic and political partner.
In addition, on the upcoming of the anniversary, former Russia President Mikhail Gorbachev also condemned the West’s leader for their rejecting to join the anniversary, “this is disrespect to countries that defeated fascism, as well as people and soldiers who died in this war” he said.
Traditionally, the leaders of many countries are invited to Moscow to attend the victory parade in Red Square.
This year 68 foreign leaders and the head of UNESCO, the United Nations, European Union and Council of Europe was invited to attend the 70-year anniversary of Victory, but many of them didn’t come./.
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