The fruits of national solidarity (Part 2 and end)

The government and the ministries, branches and localities have made synchronous solutions to create jobs, especially vocational training and credit support. Estimated in three years, it created jobs for about 4.6 million people, including 253 thousand of labor export. The unemployment rate in urban areas is consistently below 4%. Wage policy is gradually being renovated according to market principles. The minimum wage shall be increased gradually in line with the economic conditions of the country and society. Residential income is raised. Labor conditions and labor relations have gradually improved; labor disputes and strikes decrease sharply. The people enjoy social insurance increased. Achievements of Vietnam in poverty reduction, ensuring social security are highly appreciated by international community.
Over 98% of families whose standard of living are equal to or higher than the average living standards of citizens residence. The number of social assistance recipients often increases from 1.7 million in 2010 to over 2.5 million people in 2013. The expansion and support for ethnic minorities raise continuously.
Especially in global difficult economic conditions, economic growth rate of Vietnam in the first quarter of 2015 reached 6.03% - an impressive achievement and is recorded by the world.
Although these figures were publicized by Vietnam Government and also reputable appraisal by many researchers, economic organizations worldwide, some hostile forces are deliberate to distort. Therefore, in the above article, the author listed the backward problems and numbers and also brought comparisons with other countries in the region and around the world. With expressions as above, the writer hoped to easily mislead the readers by monotonous and backward statistics.
In society today, the countries in the world despite follow political institutions would always put national interests above all else. On the other hand, Vietnam expands cooperation of international relations in order to create the conditions and infrastructure to promote economic and social development of each country. Today’s era is the era of equal cooperation, respecting each other’s internal affairs, creating conditions for mutual development. The nations of the world are equal, respecting each other's internal affairs. Therefore, the economic achievements of Vietnam society achieved in the past 40 years have confirmed that: It is the achievement of national unity, strength and the will of the people of Vietnam under the leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam. That is the result of developing internal resources associated with these conditions in international partnerships. Achieved results are essential result of an important lesson: Combining national strength with era strength, national strength with international strengths to build and develop the country. However, that combination is determined by Communist Party of Vietnam that: Under no circumstances must adhere to under the will of independence, autonomy and uphold the spirit of international cooperation; promoting internal strength, while taking advantages of external resources, combining elements of traditional and modern elements ...
Some cited evidences above are enough to clear mind of some people that have the incorrect entries with actual economic development of Vietnam. The article with vague arguments confirmed at once and negated achievements in socio-economic development of Vietnam last time to guide the readers to wrong misconceptions with the practice. Vietnam national history and the achievements in socio-economic development of society since the Communist Party of Vietnam, particularly as a result of nearly 30 years of innovation and evidences have been sufficient basis both in terms of theoretical and practical to refute false allegations mentioned above.

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