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On May 28, members of the National Assembly discussed Article 60 of the Law on Social Insurance in 2014. The NA members proposed priority to promulgate draft laws for enforcing the 2013Constitution. In which we will amend, add and promulgate new projects on economy, human rights, basic rights and duties of citizens. Specifically it includes the agenda of priority projects were adopted by the 13th session of the NA.
Article 60 of the Social Insurance Law in 2014 as the content is more concerned by National Assembly members. Most delegates affirmed that the construction process of Social Insurance Law in 2014 is close and complies strictly with the procedures and provisions of law. Article 60 of the Law is on progress and has many new features in comparison with the Social Insurance Law in 2006, which focuses to ensure lasting enjoyment rights of workers with social insurance, healthcare and support of people’s living after retirement... This is a preement policy as well as developing trend in Vietnam and all over the world.
Sharing concerns of workers about regulations in Article 60 of the 2014Social Insurance Law, Ms. Le Thi Yen - delegate from Phu Tho, Ms. Nguyen Ngoc Phuong from Quang Binh, Mr. Nguyen Van Son from Ha Tinh and some other delegates made a petition that workers have the right to choose the form of social participation and enjoyment in accordance with their wishes. The National Assembly should issue a resolution to continue Point C, Paragraph 1, Article 55 of Law 2006 on social insurance to meet the legitimate needs of employees. There were some proposal that it is important to adjust Article 60 to meet the legitimate needs and rights of workers. However, the adjustment should be done with the right process, regulations ...

Many NA members analysed clearly the new location, priority of Article 60 of 2014 Vietnam Social Insurance Law in comparison with the 2006Social Insurance Law and expressed concerns for workers who wish to enjoy the social insurance once to solve ongoing difficulties. That means they can not go with social policy, social security of the State, while they are also difficult to get support, insurance at their old age. Many participants suggested that the authorities need to implement the desired scrutiny of workers to know reality, combining propaganda namely the new manual points for workers in Article 60 of the Social Insurance Law so that take the appropriate decision in this issue. Some others considered that the 2014 Social Insurance Law has not yet been in effect so at this session, the National Assembly is not necessarily to approve the adjustment of law or the resolutions but dedicate time to research and survey in order to submit National Assembly for consideration at the meeting later this year.
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