Vietnam maintains point of view on death penalty for corruption

We can say that there will be a lot and certainly the majority of people disagree with suggestions for escaping the death penalty if corrupt persons return half the amount of corruption because such as adding a “privilege” to those who are in high positions and returned money is also derived corruption money, ie taxpayers’ money.
Corruption is also the “privilege” of dignitaries because it is not embezzlement or taking bribes without rights and authority. Those proposed that idea also gave the argument that measures which they propose to help recover assets corruption, while contributing to reduce the kinds of death penalties, including economic cases. However, this argument is far from convincing the public and voters.
 Then as now, corruption offenses which are hard to detect and red-handed but instead of tightening anti-corruption laws, the above proposals are creating more “motivation” to those who in high positions have official rights of embezzlement or corruption. Escape death punishment if they pay back half the corrupted amount so where the left is? This question is certainly not difficult to answer.
Furthermore, the purpose of the law is not only punitive or remedial which is greater than deter, preventing people from committing crime. The law must be as flames, who encroach on, they will burned. With the above proposal, deterrence and prevention of law is significantly reduced while many argued that the legal system is not strong enough to deter and prevent corruption.
Additionally, allowing escape the death penalty by the payment help faster recover corrupted money is just sensible. In case one is not afraid of death penalty, they will enhance embezzlement, corruption and promote using of money to come in by the back door and also feel comfortable than in receiving bribe. The consequences will happen and who will be responsible for?
Also speaking for the need to reduce the death penalty, particularly the economic crimes to leave the maximum penalty for the crime of embezzlement, corruption is a way of saying shuffles concept. Economic crimes and corruption cases can not be equated as subjects and their nature are different.
Many countries around the world tend to abandon the death penalty for certain crimes but many countries still maintain the death penalty for offenses of corruption. Even in China, whether people are in favor of eliminating the death penalty, but less than 73% of respondents told the China Youth Daily that they favor the death penalty for corruption. Mainland China, Taiwan, Indonesia, South Korea, Singapore... have applied the death penalty for crimes of corruption.
But still that question for proponents bill: Why is not all, but only half the amount of corruption?

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