Vietnam calls for more UN support to its peacekeeping operations

The Ministry of National Defence on May 23rd held a conference to review Vietnam’s one-year participation in the UN Peacekeeping Operations and to reveal the Vietnam Peacekeeping Centre construction project, in the presence of UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.
So far, the Vietnam Peacekeeping Centre, under the Ministry of National Defence, has sent two officers to the UN Peacekeeping Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) and three more officers to the UN Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in the Central African Republic (MINUSCA).
All the UN, UNMISS and MINUSCA highly appreciated the Vietnamese officers for their efforts in carrying out the assigned tasks.
At present, the Ministry of National Defence and relevant units are boosting the construction of the new headquarters of the Vietnam Peacekeeping Centre in Thach That district, Hanoi. Once completed, it is expected to serve as a centre for training and granting internationally-recognized certificates to troops of other countries as well as to train humanitarian aid skills for domestic and international forces.
Lieutenant General Vo Van Tuan, Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Vietnam People’s Army, held that Vietnam had made a list of qualified military engineers, military medical officers, staff officers and liaison officers to undertake positions in peacekeeping agencies at the UN Mission Headquarters.
He also believed that the VPA’s officers in charge of peacekeeping operations would successfully fulfill all assigned tasks, contributing to the success of the UN peacekeeping missions and popularizing the image of the VPA among international friends.
For his part, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon revealed that he and Vietnamese leaders had discussed many major issues, including Vietnam’s commitment to peacekeeping operations and believed that Vietnam would actively participate in such a noble mission.
The UN top leader also hoped that the Vietnam Peacekeeping Centre would train more officers with high expertise and further contribute to the ASEAN-UN peacekeeping agreement.
Addressing the conference, Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Pham Binh Minh underlined that by sending its troops to the UN peacekeeping operations Vietnam has showed its commitment and made practical contribution to the UN and international community. This in return helps promote Vietnam’s position in the international arena.
The Vietnamese Deputy Prime Minister also affirmed Vietnam’s participation in UN peacekeeping operations also contributes to ensuring its own social order and stability, and at the same time enable the country to win more support from friends for its national construction and defence cause.
He also called on the UN Secretary-General to continue backing Vietnam to more effectively join UN peacekeeping operations.
On this occasion, Senior Lieutenant General Nguyen Chi Vinh, Deputy Minister of National Defence, again stressed that Vietnam’s participation in the UN peacekeeping operations is a sound policy of the Vietnamese Party and State, which has been applauded by the UN and international community in general and by the Vietnamese people in particular. Vietnam’s achievements in carrying out the UN peacekeeping operations over the past year have demonstrated the country’s capacity to implement missions assigned by the UN.
The Vietnamese general suggested that Vietnam should continuously cooperate with the UN and experienced partners to successfully fulfill the UN peacekeeping operations and also hoped to receive more assistance in this task from the UN in the coming time.

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Quân Hoàng 25/5/15 12:29

Vietnam looks forward to continued support and co-operation with other countries, the UN and the international community in future endeavours.

Huy Quốc 25/5/15 12:29

Building on past achievements, future UN peacekeeping operations should focus more on addressing the root causes of conflicts by involving all stakeholders in finding, by peaceful means, long-term comprehensive solutions covering all political, security, economic, and social dimensions

Hoàng Lân 25/5/15 12:30

All operations must be guided by the fundamental principles of UN Peacekeeping.

Vân Nhàn 25/5/15 12:31

Accordingly, the establishment or expansion of missions must be fully in line with the purposes and principles of the UN Charter, including respect for national sovereignty and territorial integrity, and non-interference

Hùng Quân 25/5/15 12:31

ASEAN and the UN need to intensify co-operation to safeguard peace, stability, and maritime security and safety in the region on the basis of international law and the 1982 UN Convention on the Law of the Sea.

Lê Tín 25/5/15 12:32

the US take result-orientated measures to narrow development gaps and strengthen connectivity in ASEAN to ensure peace, stability, security and development in the region.

Phạm Hiếu 25/5/15 12:33

Vietnam’s activities of international integration in defense have been crowned with many great achievements, boosting the intensive development of bilateral defense cooperation relations and the active and effective participation in multilateral defense cooperation structures.

Quốc Kiên 25/5/15 12:34

The process of regionalization and globalization is indispensable in the development in mankind’s history, bringing nations and peoples closer to one another, making them more inter-connected and inter-influenced in all fields, of which defense and security are no exception.

Huy Lâm 25/5/15 12:35

As Vietnam’s comprehensive relations with the region and the world have become more profound, its defense and security have been strongly influenced by the regional and global security situations.

Quốc Cường 25/5/15 12:35

This is not merely cooperation in the settlement of emerging regional and global security problems in a way that benefits Vietnam, but also demonstrates a new approach that considers the common security challenges to the region and the world as Vietnam’s.

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