Building up Party’s organization in the new context

After 30 years of renewal (Doi Moi in Vietnamese), with the continuous effort of the whole Party, people and army, Vietnam has reached great historic achievements. These achievements, together with the glorious victories in the past wars against the foreign invaders, have demonstrated the Party’s ability of leading the Vietnamese people. In the complex international and regional situations and against large domestic difficulties and challenges on the way to a more civilized and prosperous nation, the Vietnamese people are placing more and more requirements upon and show their concern about the Party’s leadership. But they also understand that under the leadership of the Party, the Vietnamese people now have peace, freedom and increasingly good lives. In fact, they have more trust and confidence in the leadership of the Party, and join effort with the Party in overcoming difficulties and challenges with the aim of building Vietnam as a powerful and prosperous country with a high status in the world. Therefore, those who try to fish in troubled waters by igniting some unsatisfied people in order to realize their attempt to rule out the Party’s leadership in Vietnam will soon be disillusioned.
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As abovementioned, almost all Vietnamese people are confident in the Party’s capacity to lead the nation to success, but people also wish the Party to continuously improve its ability of leadership. First, the Party is required to be able to craft proper political guidelines; ensure national independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity; and succeed in building a strong and prosperous nation, a democratic, equal and civilized society. To this end, the Party has to always keep its organization clean and strong; continuously improve its ability of leadership; regularly conduct renewal and self-criticism, regarding these as a law of the Party’s survival and development. While the cleanness of the Party depends on the quality and virtues of Party members, its strength is based on its policies, organization, thoughts, its relationship with the grassroots and people’s confidence in it and their support for its cause.
Since its birth, the Party has, indeed, led the Vietnamese people to many great achievements. But to confirm the Party’s leadership and its capabilities, it should not indulge itself with the past achievements. On the contrary, it should continuously train itself and improve its leadership ability, meeting the requirements for development of the nation and agreeing with the common advancing trend in the world. To this end, all Party organizations from the Central level to the local ones should maintain the organization strong and clean and restlessly augment their leadership ability; and at the same time, every member of the Party, including high-ranking officials at the Central levels, officials at the local levels and normal members, should better themselves in terms of their leadership, knowledge, expertise and virtues.
Unlike other social strata, Party members, who belong to the same political party, share the common ideology and strive for the Party’s ideal and goals. In the article “Popular political knowledge” published in 1953, President Ho Chi Minh wrote: “The Party is an organization that is constituted of its members. All Party jobs are done by its members. All resolutions of the Party are implemented by its members. All policies of the Party are spread by its members to people. All Party’s plans are realized mainly by its members.” According to President Ho Chi Minh’s words, Party members play a decisive role in any success and failure of the Party. In other words, Party members contribute to every national revolutionary contribution, and they also should take responsibility for every weakness and failure of the Party and every national limitation.
Since Doi Moi, the Party’s membership has grown up in terms of both quantity and quality although Party members have met a large number of difficulties and challenges when the country began to operate the market economy model. Party members in the Doi Moi process have brought into full play the past national exploits to actively implement national socio-economic development tasks, maintain security and defense, and expand international relations, contributing to the success in the national renewal cause. The very corps of Party members with their firm political will, good leadership and good revolutionary virtues has promoted the Party’s prestige and helped raise the people’s confidence and trust in the Party and Party’s leadership. Additionally, the corps of Party members has changed the image of the country, and enhanced the status of the country in the world.
So far, the number of Party members has reached nearly 4 millions. In the fourth meeting of the Party Central Committee of the 11th tenure, General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong acknowledged that a not small number of Party members, who held high positions in the Party’s agencies and State bodies, had degraded in political awareness, thought and virtue. They had various negative manifestations, such as aloofness from the Party’s ideology; individualism; selfishness; opportunism; pragmatism; being in chase of money, fame and wealth, high positions; and corruption and wastefulness. They had forgotten the oaths in front of the Party’s flag. Those people should have felt ashamed as they did not deserve to be in the Party and to lead people.
While part of the post-holding Party members have damaged the Party’s credit, some normal Party members have not brought into play the role of the Party member at work and in life. Those Party members did not set a good example; as a result, they had no credit and lost the leading role in the mass.
The above reasons lead to a possible conclusion: the Party’s membership is large but the Party is not really strong.
As the origin of the limitation of the Party falls short into the weaknesses of some Party members, the Party building work is critical. All Party organizations, especially at the basic levels, have to heighten the management of their members; regularly train and educate the Party’s resolutions, ideal and goals to them; improve their political knowledge, awareness and leadership; better the check and inspection works of Party organizations and members; and redress negative phenomena and false thoughts of Party members and rule out degraded members.
Additionally, every Party members, especially post-holding ones, should continuously drill themselves, augment their knowledge, leadership ability and virtues. They should also have close relations with people and set a good example for them to follow.
In the new context, when the Party is facing many difficulties and challenges, the building of a group of competent and good-quality Party members is a high imperative. The competent and good-quality Party members, who line up in the Party organization, then help build a strong, clean and credit-worthy political party, capable of leading the nation to peace, stability, security and prosperity.
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Hùng Quân 26/5/15 12:26

The establishment of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) 85 years ago is an important milestone in the fate of the nation of Vietnam.

Vân Nhàn 26/5/15 12:27

The Party, under the leadership of President Ho Chi Minh, navigated the Vietnamese revolution through significant hardships in the context of a battered national economy, rampant hunger and illiteracy and powerful enemies attempting to overthrow the revolutionary government.

Hoàng Lân 26/5/15 12:28

The CPV led the successful August Revolution and then defended the first People’s Democratic Government in Southeast Asia.

Huy Quốc 26/5/15 12:29

The two resistance wars to defend the country against aggressive colonists and imperialists were marked by the glorious triumphs on the Dien Bien Phu battlefield and the Ho Chi Minh Campaign in April 1975, reunifying the country and opening a new era of independence, freedom, and socialism for the nation of Vietnam.

Quân Hoàng 26/5/15 12:31

Significant achievements were seen in the development and defence of the nation, creating a socialist country of the people, for the people, and by the people.

Lê Tín 26/5/15 12:33

The Party has led the efforts in developing a socialist-oriented market economy, promoting a modern culture with strong national identity, and strengthening people-based defence and security measures capable of protecting the country’s stability and territorial integrity.

Quốc Cường 26/5/15 12:34

Impressive successes were seen in the comprehensive reform of the country.

Huy Lâm 26/5/15 12:35

Despite numerous hardships caused by the blockade and embargo from imperialistic forces, alongside the collapse of socialism in East European countries and the Soviet Union, Vietnam remained steady and prospered with a stable socio-political situation.

Quốc Kiên 26/5/15 12:36

The country’s economy rose out of crisis and made strong steps forward, improving the living conditions of the people. Fruitful outcomes of the “doimoi” (reform) process created new strength and status for Vietnam.

Phạm Hiếu 26/5/15 12:37

Vietnam has secured an increasingly prominent position on the global stage, creating favourable conditions for the country’s national development and defence.

those who denied the leadership role of the Party should thorough learn again the history of Vietnam

it's clear that without the Party, Vietnam have nothing, The Party is a main factor which leads to all victories of the country

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