President Ho Chi Minh - Hero of National Liberation, Great Man of Culture

On these days, many activities are scheduled to organize across the country to mark President Ho Chi Minh’s 125th birthday. Annually, on this occasion, Vietnamese people have recalled Uncle Ho’s contributions and his heritage to Vietnam and the world, at large.
He said in his Testament, “All my life, I have served the Homeland, the revolution and the people with all my heart and strength. If I should now depart from this world, I would have nothing to regret, except not being able to serve longer and more.”
President Ho Chi Minh is a genius leader, a great teacher of the Vietnamese revolution, a beloved Uncle of Vietnamese people, the hero of national liberation and great man of culture of the world, who had devoted all his life to national independence, freedom and the happiness of his people.
Born on May 19,1890 in a patriotic family of scholars, in Nghe An province; President Ho Chi Minh decided to leave the homeland to to seek the path of national liberation, saving  his country and people at the early age of 21.
He then went to across many countries in Asia, Africa, Europe and America from 1911 to 1917, people and France participated in the labor movement, the socialist movement, overseas operations in Vietnam. He used the name Nguyen Ai Quoc( meaning love for the nation).
In 1930, Nguyen Ai Quoc founded the Vietnam Communist Party, marking a turning point of the revolutionary history of the country. Under the leadership of the Party, headed by leader Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam people successfully won the August 1945 revolution, overthrowing the semi-colonial condition.
On September 2, 1945 at Ba Dinh Square, Ho Chi Minh read the Declaration of Independence, declared the founding of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam.
After the August Revolution, President Ho Chi Minh continued to lead Vietnam through two resistance wars to win against the French and Americans.
President Ho Chi Minh is a symbol of true patriotism accompanied with proletarian internationalism.
He is a great international soldiers, resilient and incredibly bright, with life-long struggle for justice, peace and progress of the oppressed peoples of the world.
During those years of activities abroad, President Ho Chi Minh wrote books, articles in French, English, Russian, received the quintessence of Western culture particularly receptive to Marxism – Leninism. Thus, crystallized in him are the value of both national and global culture, traditional and contemporary.
Ho Chi Minh spoke many languages fluently such as French, English, Russian, Chinese, German. The quintessence of Confucianism, Buddhism, inherited traditional Eastern culture also converged in this man. Ho Chi Minh City has applied, developed and enrichedt Marxism - Leninism on a range of issues in accordance with Vietnam revolutionary reality.
Ho Chi Minh was a pioneer soldiers of the revolutionary literature and journalism, who fought a tireless struggle for national independence and socialism, for justice in the world. 
The President left behind invaluable asset, including three aspects: Ho Chi Minh thought which features, morality and dignity; President Ho Chi Minh’s career which we need to continue and Ho Chi Minh era- a great era of the Vietnamese nation.
Particularly, timely and deep values of Ho Chi Minh’s thoughts have been the doctrine for the Vietnamese revolution, the foundation of the national past struggle for national salvation and in the current national renewal, construction and defense process.
Revolutionary morality is socializing with the people, believe in people, understand and listen the people. Ho Chi Minh often reminded Party officials and members to consider virtue as the root of the revolution and people. They should be industrious, thrifty, upright, honest, public-spirited and selfless. 
The ideology as well as moral example of Ho Chi Minh penetrates all spheres of social life of the people of Vietnam, becomes national cultural values. They are humanitarian and national peace, democracy and human liberty, happiness and patriotism with true nationalism. 
For outstanding contributions to the nation and to mankind advances, President Ho Chi Minh has been recognized “a Vietnamese hero of national liberation and a great man of culture” by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural United Nations (UNESCO).
According to UNESCO Resolution: "The important contributions in many aspects in the fields of culture, education and art is the crystallization of thousands- year cultural traditions of Vietnamese people and his ideas are embodiment of the aspirations of the peoples in asserting national identity and typical for the promotion of mutual understanding".
President Ho Chi Minh is the pioneer of national liberation. He had led millions of Vietnamese and thousands more enslaved in 100 countries around the world to gain independence and freedom, against old and new colonialism. He has created a change never seen before since capitalism overthrown ancient Roman Empire. He has redrawn map of the world. President Ho Chi Minh is worthy to be a cultural figure of the 20th century.
In the new context of industrialization and modernization, every government cadre and Party member is obligated to lead and set a good example in following President Ho Chi Minh’s moral example in serving the nation and people of Vietnam.  
Vietnamese people also need to understand Uncle Ho’s moral thoughts, continue developing a rich people, a strong country, independence and self-reliance while resolutely protecting national territorial integrity. Ho Chi Minh thought shines forever on the cause of independence, freedom, industrialization and modernization of our nation./.
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Funny Day 17/5/15 23:47

Ho Chi Minh has been praised and admired not only for ingenious leadership that helped Vietnam get glorious victories in two wars against Frence and America, but also for his morality and personality

Tứ Long 17/5/15 23:52

that's right, I like his simplicity that is really very rare to find in another leader

Trần Bướng 17/5/15 23:59

While the whole world have praised Ho Chi Minh, it's ashame there are still some people who try to distort and smear his life and career

Phạm Hiếu 19/5/15 19:02

Worldwide celebrations in overseas Vietnamese communities also saw various activities to mark President Ho Chi Minh's 125th birthday anniversary.

Quốc Kiên 19/5/15 19:04

Uncle Ho devoted his life to the national liberation cause, while tirelessly striving for peace and progress in the world.

Huy Lâm 19/5/15 19:05

President Ho Chi Minh was a great man due to his role in and enormous contributions to the history of Vietnam and the world.

Quốc Cường 19/5/15 19:06

He directed Vietnam to be an independent nation, encouraging a global national liberation movement

Lê Tín 19/5/15 19:08

A great Vietnamese man!

Quân Hoàng 19/5/15 19:08

A symposium was held in the Russian city of Saint Petersburg on May 18 to gain an insight into applying the ideology of President Ho Chi Minh in the contemporary era.

Huy Quốc 19/5/15 19:10

Standards of Ho Chi Minh morality is the perfect combination of theoretical and practical, is the symbol of the integration of Eastern and Western cultural values.

Hoàng Lân 19/5/15 19:12

Undisputed great and honorable man!

Vân Nhàn 19/5/15 19:14

The immortal thoughts of Ho Chi Minh President, with their deep theoretical thinking and practical outlook, remain fresh with the time.

Hùng Quân 19/5/15 19:15

“From the bottom of my heart, I think Ho Chi Minh is a man of great humanity and strong determination to pursue his goals.” said French historian Pierre Brocheux.

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