The chaging trend of religions in Vietnam today


Religion is a part of the spiritual life in society, this phenomenon of the superstructure has been strongly changed with economic - social development. In the process of building a culture in the sense as the impetus for the development of the country, we should pay special attention to the change of religion in order to consolidate and further strengthen the bloc of national unity in Vietnam.
Regarding the trend of religious change in Vietnam today,
Firstly, the internationalization trend of religion is inevitable trend in religion and religious activities, derived from international development of increasing production force. With open-door policy, it opens up exchanges and cooperation between our country and other countries in the field of economy, politics, society and culture, including religion.
Religion as a part of culture has been with the deeper international integration process, manifested through the process of learning, research, training abroad by dignitaries and religious believers. On the other hand, foreigners also come to Vietnam to study the cultural values ​​such as festivals, rituals and religious activities in Vietnam. The above situation has caused a lot of difficulties and obstacles to the management of the state to religion in each level. Because religious activities often associated with cultural activities, cultural diversity leads to a diversity of religions. Religion will emerge new elements presented in ceremonies of worship and in religious activities... The hostile forces will abuse internationalization trend to perform religious plot in the territory of Vietnam with "peaceful evolution" under many different forms in order to incite the pious believers against the revolutionary of the Party and the people.
The second is the trend of nationalizing religion. Vietnam revolutionary’s reality shows that if religions want to survive and develop, it must be linked to the nation, the people and the destiny of the country. In the trend of peace, cooperation and development today, religions all link with the protection and construction of the country, manifested in the rights and responsibilities of citizens and target of practicing religious direction.
The third is the mix trend of religious diversity. Mix trend in religion expressed in the objects of worship. There are mix and fusion between religions and folk beliefs and ethnic traditions to meet the daily needs of the people's spirit.
The fourth is commercialization trends, unobtrusive and wasted form in religions. In addition, the current popular trend is associated religious activities with tourist activities, services, commercialization activities in religious activities. This is not merely a spiritual matters but also as an investment for profit or fame, prestige. 
The fifthly is violation of the provisions of law in religious activities. In terms of policy, the Party line and policy of our State on religion and religious activities that fully respect and guarantee freedom of belief and religion and no religious beliefs for people on the basis of the law of Vietnam. However, there exists a religious part with insufficient awareness arbitrarily occupied land, built illegally ritual of worship ... without a license or has not been recognized by the State government. Therefore it has created disagreement between religious activities with the management of state towards religion. This is also a difficult issue for the management of the state of religion in general and in localities particularly.
The sixth is the trend against the bloc of national unity through abusing religious affairs in the conspiracy "peaceful evolution" of the hostile forces. The enemies have taken advantages and implemented conspiracy of "peaceful evolution" to propaganda and induce religious believers to go contrary to the Party's policies and the laws of our State.

Before the above situation, the requirements is that we should take measures to solve the arising problems in the religion, contributing to the consolidation and strengthening of increasingly more sustainable national unity bloc.
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John Smith 23/11/15 20:26

Viet Nam has a diverse mix of major religions with a large number of followers, religious figures, and monks such as Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism, Christianity and Muslim and some indigenous religions such as Caodaism and Hoa Hao, etc.

Gentle Moon 23/11/15 20:27

Confucianism can be considered as a social philosophy than just a normal religion. It has no church, no clergy and no bible as well.

LawrenceSamuels 23/11/15 20:28

Traditional beliefs reflect the rich and diverse spiritual life, tolerance, humanity, and national unity of the Vietnamese people.

Jane smartnic 23/11/15 20:29

Studies on the history of Viet Nam’s beliefs and religions show that the ancient Viet people already had religious thoughts, reflected in the images of Lac birds and Dragon descendants of the fairies, and such supernatural persons as the Hung Kings, Mother Au Co and Lord Lieu Hanh.

yobro yobro 23/11/15 20:30

religions, imported or domestically-born, are closely tied to and have had definite impacts (both positive and negative) on the nation’s history from the 4th century AD until now.

Love Peace 23/11/15 20:30

each belief or religion has distinctive cultural characteristics, but all, influenced by national traditions, yearn for truth, goodness, and beauty, and all help to beautify the nation’s diverse and rich culture.

MaskOf Zero 23/11/15 20:31

each religion contains one or more beliefs which have interacted with Vietnamese culture.

Only Solidar 23/11/15 20:32

Throughout hundreds of years, imported belief culture has been Vietnamised and become an integral part of the Vietnamese culture

Pack Cassiopian 23/11/15 20:33

Currently, hostile forces use beliefs and religions as weapons in a so-called “peaceful evolution” strategy to sabotage the construction and defense of socialist Viet Nam.

Deck Hero14 23/11/15 20:35

Viet Nam’s current state of religions and beliefs is basically stable given clearer awareness on the part of the majority of religious followers and dignitaries about Vietnamese Party and State guidelines and policies on religious freedom.

Lê Thị Tuyết 18/10/17 10:55

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