Asia-Pacific is large enough for countries to live peacefully
The 5th Moscow International Security Conference in Moscow saw the attendance of more than 500 delegates from 80 countries, research institutes, and international organizations, such as the United Nations, OSCE, CSTO, and ICRC.
The two-day conference included four plenary sessions on: terrorism; major threats to global security; security challenges and opportunities for international military cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region; global security and military cooperation; and peace and war in Europe: a new security system in Europe. There were also other concurrent sessions.
Vietnam’s Defense Minister Ngo Xuan Lich gave an important speech during the second session of the conference: “Security challenges and opportunities for international military cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region”, with a focus on “Joining hands to build the Asia-Pacific into a region of peace, cooperation and development.”
General Ngo Xuan Lich delivering his keynote speech at the event
In his speech, General Lich said the conference discussed practical issues and ongoing global challenges and expressed a desire for peace, cooperation and development of the Asia-Pacific region and the world.
Lich sees the Asia-Pacific as a dynamic developing region, where countries both within and beyond the region share interests. But the region faces security challenges, such as conflicts, nuclear weapons, disputes over territory, seas and islands, and violations of international law.
Non-traditional global challenges - such as terrorism, cyber-security, and immigration - are on the rise, posing threats to regional security. These problems cannot be solved by any single country on its own. To solve such problems, all countries must cooperate, especially those within the region.
The role of regional security mechanisms is very important in dealing with these challenges. And ASEAN plays a crucial part in this. If countries fail to cooperate to deal with these challenges, the Pacific Ocean will not be “pacific” anymore, General Lich said.
Having lived through fierce wars, Vietnam understands the value of peace and desires peace. Vietnam always attaches special importance to national interests, in line with international law, mutual respect, equality, and mutual respect in maintaining Vietnam’s peaceful national environment and contributing to regional and global peace.
Vietnam consistently follows a foreign policy of independence, self-reliance, peace, cooperation, development, multi-lateralization, diversification, and active international integration. Vietnam has always been a reliable friend and partner to all countries and a responsible member of the international community.
The Vietnamese minister confirmed that the defense policy of Vietnam is designed for peace and self-defense. It does not support any country going against another. And it prefers solving conflicts and disputes by peaceful means, in line with international law.
In recent years, the role and influence of the Asia-Pacific region has been increasing, capturing the attention of the whole world. This is a strategic region for regional countries, as well as for countries beyond the region - especially major powers such as Russia, in political, economical and security terms.
“Russia's development strategy in the Asia-Pacific region of the 21st century” says that enhancing Russia-Asia-Pacific cooperation is not a temporary policy, but a strategic one.”
Therefore, Vietnam hopes that Russia will increase friendly relations with regional countries, both bilaterally and multi-laterally. That would shape a favorable environment for economic and trade cooperation and beyond.
Countries in the region always remembers the contributions of the former Soviet Union and the current Russia. Asia-Pacific countries hope that Russia continues to take more responsibility and to make more contributions to the development of the region.
In conclusion, General Ngo Xuan Lich said: “The Asia-Pacific region is large enough for countries to live in peace and enjoy strategic interests.”
Therefore, Vietnam hopes all countries, especially major powers such as Russia, show more responsibility and play active roles in maintaining regional security. This will help build the region into a place of peace, stability, and development.
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