Preventing and removing landmines - a humanitarian action (Part 2 and end)


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Removing landmines is a humanitarian action
This year, the theme of the International Day of Raising Awareness on landmines and supporting landmines remove is: "Remove mine is a humanitarian act" because it helps save lives.
Mine is not the only explosive hazards pose a threat to civilians living in areas of conflict or post-conflict that the weapons of war, unexploded bombs and explosive devices have killed many aid workers, peacekeepers staff, journalists and many others. Afghanistan is an example, according to the United Nations, the strength of explosives ca massacre more than 10 times in comparison to the mines.
In the message given on the occasion of anniversary, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said: remove landmines plays an essential role to build an effective humane act in conflicts and post-conflicts. This is one of the key messages of this International Day. However, in many parts of the world, the new outbreak or recurrence conflicts still leave the dangerous explosives, including landmines, ammunition and explosive devices. "I particularly concern by the use of explosive weapons in populated areas," - Mr. Ban noted.
According to the senior leader of the United Nations, preventing and removing landmines is an investment for humanity. It promotes social peace by allowing those in need can receive support, displace and refugees return home safely, children can go to school. Removing landmines also help to create a safe environment, where you can perform the developing and rebuilding activities, create the basis for a lasting peace.
On the International Day of Raising awareness on landmines and supporting mine removal this year (04/04/2016), the United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon called on the international community to act together to achieve our common goal of a world completely without landmines and explosive remnants of war.

Recovering the "land of death" or raising awareness about mine safety for people as well as strengthening demining efforts is a meaningful and practical work to ensure a safe life for people and save more people living on earth. /.
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