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Press Law of Vietnam has clearly defined that press is the forum of people. In the draft Press Law (amended) is being prepared for consideration and adoption, this provision continues to be inherited ...
That is the legal assertion of Vietnam that citizens have freedom of speech, freedom of the press via a system of press agencies in Vietnam. However, the question is how this right of citizens to be ensured and effectively implemented in practice ...
Lawyer Truong Trong Nghia (Congress delegation from Ho Chi Minh City) while commenting on the draft Press Law (amended) has emphasized the request to make clear that this is the primary and important mode to exercise the right to freedom of speech, freedom of the press for people.
With such regulation, all citizens have the right to post articles with own views or recommendations, comments about a certain issue. The articles violate the law, traditions, customs or quality assurance will not taken up. In fact, in the history of formation and development of the press in Vietnam, people's rights are being respected and ensured by the news agencies and newspapers from the central to local levels. The press agencies carried out well the role of people's forum always get  admiration and trust from all people.

Draft Press Law (amended) sets out the rules and responsibilities of the press agencies in the enforcement of the right to freedom of speech, freedom of press for people. One of which prescribes that press agencies are responsible for publishing or broadcasting proposals, criticism, news, articles, photos… and answering clearly the reasons for not publishing or broadcasting if required. Delegate Nguyen Thi Kim Thuy (Da Nang) said that such regulation is not feasible. She explained that as for complaints and denunciations of citizens in the form of recommendations, criticism, news, articles, photographs sent to press agencies is very huge. Even when a case has been photocopied and sent to many newspapers simultaneously. If there is no selection to publish or broadcast, it just duplicates the entire information and increases broadcasting time unreasonably. From there, participants proposed to redesign regulation to ensure feasibility.
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