Critical attack by the mysterious hackers


Kết quả hình ảnh cho Critical attack by the mysterious hackers

Nearly 50 million Turkish citizens are facing the risk of identity theft after their personal data stolen by hackers and posted online. The largest data theft in the history of Turkey and the world is said to be no less serious than “Panama Profile” case.
There is no precedent for such a data theft of nearly 50 million Turks when nearly all of the citizens of a country were stolen personal data. This case involves threats to the information security of the majority of the Turkish people, pushing the victims to the risk of forgery. Turkey is currently conducting an investigation with the largest scale ever to find the culprit behind the serious leak of data.
Hackers have stolen huge database including information about the identity, identity card number, nationality, address, date of birth and parents' names ... of each person from the national database. According to Turkey Communications Minister Binali Yildirim, the data was taken from the records of voters that the government shared with political parties before elections. Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag said, the number of people who leaked the information were equivalent to the number of Turkish voters registered in the electoral list.
The bad thing is the site posted the stolen information allows everybody to download files containing cubic capacity of 6.6 GB of stolen information. In Turkey, the number of ID is used to access government services such as voting, social security, military service, health care and banking.
Along with spreading stolen data on internet, hackers also offer advice on how to improve the security measures of Turkey.
Website published the data above is believed to belong to a group of Icelander hackers, who often leak information through servers located in Romania.
After the stolen data with huge numbers, on the seventh of April, President Adorgant  signed to approve Code 6698 on the protection of personal data. It was taken into effect immediately after being approve.

The cyberattack in Turkey is a warning for countries in the era of digital technology. Countries need increases measures to ensure network security as hackers are increasingly sophisticated in penetrating and stealing confidential data.
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