Save water resource for Central Highlands


Kết quả hình ảnh cho Save water resource for Central Highlands

Central Highland - the source of many flowing rivers to neighboring territories. It is doubtful whether it is the reason why we always make plans of consuming enormous water for only one of the seven regional economic areas which is landlocked country with cascade of land?
In order to take advantage of two million - hectare – resources of fertile basalt soil at an altitude of 500-600 meters above sea level, accounting for 66% of the total basalt land area of ​​the country; perennial crops in the Central Highlands area account for 43% industrial plant in the country. Coffee, key industrial crop, is accounted for 85% and the next is tea 25% - second ranking after midland and northern mountainous areas. This does not include 20% rubber and 20% malva nuts.
Exploiting geographical strengths and resources is one of the elements among national power. But we seem to lack strategic preparation relating to humans.
Firstly, in terms of natural factor, the region of climatic equatorial highland with two season is not appropriate to build artificial reservoirs for supplying water in the dry season for the planning of industrial plants because it breaks the cycle of water ecological characteristics. It is a difficult problem for a region of 54,000 km2 large, the second of the seven large economic regions. Structure here is not the only plateau but a series of adjacent plateau, surrounded by ranges of high mountain and the massif Truong Son Nam.
Potential hydropower accounts for 21% of nationwide operators. Recent evaluation of the International Center for Environmental Management (ICEM) showed that just Yali hydropower reservoirs can save Central Highlands from the drough. Yet it is had hardly calculated to feature irrigation in the dry season from hydropower reservoirs, providing water for agricultural and domestic usage. Why less than 20% of the water in the hydropower reservoirs was put into service to rescue people?
Secondly, there are only 4.4 million people in central Highlands, the lowest of the seven economic regions but the population structure has problems. Uncontrolled migration makes people in lowland moving to Central Highlands. 78-80% of the population in central Highlands spends water wastedly because of habits from the traditional rice.

Do not let chronic thirst exacerbate inequity in access to water, in which rich people have the opportunity to enjoy more favorable lands. Do not let lack of equitable water erode traditional village structure and spiritual life of water saving among community and people in Central Highlands.
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Jane smartnic 29/4/16 23:08

The country should consider the measures taken by Israel and Middle East countries to efficiently allocate limited water resources as we address climate change

John Smith 29/4/16 23:09

Thousands of hectares of cultivation land have been damaged, and many households are facing water shortages, along with other risks related to health, nutrition and hygiene.

LawrenceSamuels 29/4/16 23:09

Vietnam should focus on forecasting possible natural disasters, given the country's lack of resources in its fight against climate change.

Gentle Moon 29/4/16 23:10

We should know 15 days in advance how far saltwater will encroach onto our land and which provinces will be affected so we can warn our citizens

yobro yobro 29/4/16 23:16

climate change will affect the whole country, but the extent will vary from province to province.

yobro yobro 29/4/16 23:18

The agricultural sector, especially poor farmers with outdated watering methods, will be at the biggest disadvantage during natural disasters.

Love Peace 29/4/16 23:21

We urgently need a water-saving policy along with the application of modern technological advances in agriculture

MaskOf Zero 29/4/16 23:24

At present, the country needs to upgrade irrigation systems in the Mekong Delta region and the Central Highlands.

Only Solidar 29/4/16 23:25

An expert in the area of water resources estimated Vietnam is able to make use of a mere 1.5 million cubic meters out of its 300 billion cubic meters of domestic water resources each year for agriculture.

Pack Cassiopian 29/4/16 23:27

Some districts in the Central Highlands are running out of water as we speak. There are no streams, no rivers, no reservoirs.

Deck Hero14 29/4/16 23:28

Local people are enduring pain of watching their coffee and pepper plantations slowly die

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