The happiness of overseas Vietnamese

                                Vietnamese in Australia protest China's illegal actions in East Sea

The happiness of overseas Vietnamese is not only their own family but also their love toward the country and the development of Vietnam.
Our happiness is very simple such as being healthy, having a stable family or a high social status. But to the overseas Vietnamese, the happiness is also the observation the country’s development.
Mr. Ngo Ba, a Vietnamese Australian, born and raised in Ben Tre, has been living in Australia for nearly 40 years. His children have grown up and had stable jobs in Australia. To gain these achievements, he and his wife have been overcome a lot of difficulties in this strange place.
As Mr. Ngo Ba said, the care of his life are not only being healthy or prosperous, having a happy family and succeed children, but also the development of his own country, Vietnam.
Each year, Mr. Ngo Ba always joins Tet festival at Vietnam Embassy in Sydney. At the festival, he can meet his Vietnamese friends and relatives, who also live in Australia and shares with Mr. Ngo Ba the same feeling of homesick. They are also very happy with the great achievements of Vietnam in recent years.
“We’re very honored of being received the letter of Vietnam Embassy to join the festival. I feel stimulated and cared”, Mr. Ngo Ba said.
Successfully parenting, Mr. Ngo Ba always remembers to teach his children about the Vietnamese root of the family and how to keep the tradition of respect the root.
“Vietnamese people never forget the root of the country. Wherever you come from, the North, the Middle or the South, Vietnamese all over the world always care about the country, want to contribute to build up the country more developed and prosperous.”
Mr. Quoc Le, a successful Vietnamese Australian, owns 6 portal restaurants with hundreds of customers each day. The restaurants are designed on the frame of container cars which worth hundreds of thousands dollars. Twenty six years ago, when he and his wife arrived in Australia to find a new life, they had a lot of difficulties. Ten years ago, they had the idea to open the portal restaurants. And now, the business has been successful, the restaurants of Mr. Le are trusty addresses of big parties in Australia for both Vietnamese people and Australian who love Vietnamese food cooked by Vietnamese chefs.
Mr. Le said, he has been at the worst situations, but he has never given up. Beside the stimulation of the whole family, there is also a greater motivation in his mind to demonstrate that Vietnamese people can be successful in all situations.
“I think each of us has a suitable job and we all have to try much more than the native people. First of all, my trying is for my family, then to be proud of being Vietnamese people. Now I’m employing 40 Vietnamese students to give them chance to earn extra money for their study instead of employing the Australian.” Mr. Le said.
The happiness of Mr. Le is simple as other overseas Vietnamese in Australia in particular and over the world in general, he want to have a stable job in country they are living, a happy family and to help more other Vietnamese people./.

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yobro yobro 20/4/16 22:12

Vietnam is precious home of all Vietnamese people no matter wherever they're living

Only Solidar 20/4/16 22:14

I love Vietnam

John Smith 20/4/16 22:17

The life in foreign country is not comfortable as everyone thought and OVs have to try to overcome all difficulties by their owns.

MaskOf Zero 20/4/16 22:21

Overseas Vietnamese in Australia have a great contribution to strengthen the friendship between Viet Nam and Australia over the past years.

Gentle Moon 20/4/16 22:22

We also contribute to build up the countries that we are living

Pack Cassiopian 20/4/16 22:25

OVs all over the world really want to come back to Vietnam as children come back to their mother

LawrenceSamuels 20/4/16 22:27

overseas Vietnamese enterprises should increase investment in Viet Nam

Jane smartnic 20/4/16 22:30

The Government is trying to help OVs communities over the world by signing agreements with foreign countries that have Vietnamese are living to protect the communities' interest.

Deck Hero14 20/4/16 22:38

We have to be united when we're away from home, therefore we could exist and succeed in foreign country.

Love Peace 20/4/16 22:43

Our happiness is to see our country developed and protected from hostile forces' sabotaging actions.

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