What is behind the "self-nominated" phenomenon?


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According to the staff working in the election, by tracking record of information, it does not exclude that some independent candidates do not aim at becoming the people's deputies, but only for "fun" or other motives.
On many social networking sites, there are many independent candidates have tossed the articles in the name of self-election campaign over the network or election program to promote contents contrary to the Party's guidelines and policies and laws of State. Such an intellectual case, who had many activities in collaboration with foreign organizations against the Party and State, has made no secret of his articles on independent candidates that “this is a completely legal game… If Vietnamese Government increasingly obstructs or arrest us, the more evidences show undemocratic situation”. A blogger participated in hearings in the United States and misrepresented the situation in Vietnam has agitated: “There are opportunities that might be useful, but putting down other voices will cause more harm”. Thus, their main purpose is to distort democracy in the election to call for the support from the outside. A young lawyer has posted on a social networking site many times for self-nomination and mentioned eliminateion of Article 4 in the Constitution about the role of the party leadership by submitting a new constitution with a new institutional association if he is elected.
It can be asserted that but not all independent candidates with dubious motivation but they plan to use right of self-nomination to spread distorted perspective against the Party and State. These issues need to be detected and prevented in time.
From the above fact, despite the more complete institutional system in the election but according to many experts and members of the National Legislative Assembly, it still needs tighter regulations for the independent candidates of National Assembly deputies. On that basis, the election authority must actively select and reject unqualified candidates who abuse the election in order to undermine country out of the profile, avoiding "interference" for election of National Assembly deputies and People's Council.

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