Horrific sexual abuse of female prisoners in the United States

                              A Lowell warden and his victim, a female inmate in Lowell prion

Lowell, the prison detains largest number of female prisoners in the US, is facing with a lot of allegations of sexual violence.
After the release from Lowell, many female prisoners have shared with the public about the cruel and illegal treatment of Lowell’s wardens that they had to experience.
Crystal Harper, a former prisoner of Lowel said that she didn’t think she would have troubles from very first moments of her 5 years sentence.
“It was like legal prostitution. A warden grabbed my bottom and said “it’s mine now”. That is! I haven’t got there for 24 hours yet.” Harper said.
 Being isolated, Harper had to do what the warden wanted, 5 times per day for her 5 years in Lowell prison.
“If you have opposed them, you would have been rapped. Or even worst, the wardens sometimes appeared with question “how to touch these chests”” Harper said.
These horrific memories had created a big shock to Harper. Each time, when she went to sleep, she remembered what she had done in that day, the day before or the past week…
Harper was among a lot of female prisoners who sent allegations to Florida State Court to sue Lowell for its treatment to the prisoners.
Another former inmate named Nicola Cruz said: “Some wardens visited my room and left notes that wrote ‘be naked’, ‘doggy style’, ‘I will f*ck u’…”.
Tanya Yelvington, a former inmate of Lowell alleged that the prison hadn’t taken care of her health. Her younger sister had spent 16 months to persuade all offices to let her check breast cancer.
At that time, the cancer had badly affected her health. But her treatment even was very irresponsible way.
“They would have cut off both of my breasts to eliminate cancer cells. But they just opened and did nothing” Tanya Yelvington said.
Opposing these allegations, Angela Gordon, a Lowell warden, reiterated that the prison “doesn’t do the Court’s job to punish inmates”.
“We are here to protect the prisoners, to ensure that when they coming back to community, they will be better than the time they got here”, Gordon said.
Lawyer David A.Frankel, the representative of the female inmates said that the prison is lying to the public.
“In South America Polar has traditionally despised the civil rights of the prisoners. Therefore, the prison wardens think that they have power to abuse prisoners, and they also know that there will have no interference or investigation, and no one will believe the word of prisoners” the lawyer said./.

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