Hostile media organizations: Threat to Vietnam’s political stability (Part II and End)


Need to help international community understand
When on-line communication became popular throughout the world, Vietnam also quickly gained access to this latest element of information technology. After five years of opening the national Internet Gate, Vietnam’s IT development is equivalent to that in many regional countries, with 250,000 subscribers, 1 million users and 4,000 public Internet establishments. These achievements could not have been fulfilled in such a short period of time without support of the Party and State. 
In fact, the Vietnamese State has never banned the Internet rather on the contrary it has actively encouraged people to use it. The State even provides favourable conditions for business to use and develop e-commerce. The Internet has become an important form of communications in the socio-economic life of the country and daily attracts more users. The ill-intentioned and hostile forces have not accepted this reality. They have deliberately distorted the facts in an attempt to protect reactionaries who use the Internet as a tool to disseminate poisonous information against the homeland. Vietnam has developed regulations to expand the use of the Internet as well as TV programs via satellite. But Vietnam will resolutely prohibit anyone using the Internet or any form of communication against the country. Any sovereign nation in the world would take similar actions to ensure national stability and sustainability. Even the US has applied tough measures on Internet control. The US Congress also approved an Act allowing its security agencies to bug telephone calls, e-mails and the Internet which has caused controversy worldwide.
Freedom of press and Internet in Vietnam even has been abused by many anti-government elements. Some overseas Vietnamese newspapers have keen to cover information relating to detentions and trials of Nguyen Van Dai, Le Quoc Quan, Tran Minh Nhat, Nguyen Dinh Ngoc, Ngo Thi Minh Uoc, Nguyen Thi Tri, Nguyen Thi Be Hai, etc and some other people who violated the Vietnamese law. Those law violators distributed false documents on the net or voiced different viewpoints contrary to Vietnamese guidelines and policies, causing instability in the country. But western media and reactionary overseas presses have protected those violators and accused Vietnam of suppressing them. It is very dangerous when hostile forces intentionally distort the truth, disseminate false and fake information and fabricate stories. Their tricks could make people confused with information, lead people to doubt their beliefs, cause anxiety and fluctuation in thought, poison information available to society and harm social security and political stability. Their hostile information campaigns against Vietnam have a widespread negative effect on the political system and society.
The Vietnamese media should, therefore, promptly come up with stronger communication campaigns to counter untrue and slanderous information spread by hostile forces on such issues as national sovereignty, religion, democracy and human rights. The media should play an important role in disseminating the 12th Party guidelines and State policies and made considerable contributions to the struggle against hostile forces’ insidious schemes, including "peaceful evolution".
Reporters should be aware of insidious schemes behind normal acts and behaviours of hostile forces and sharpen their pens for convincing articles of high fighting spirit. In addition, they should gather information from various sources. It is very necessary because young journalists have few chances to go abroad and they do not understand that the issues hostile forces intentionally use are more serious in their countries than in Vietnam.
In this era of scientific and technological development, the first and foremost task for media is to show reality. It should also be more rapid and dynamic, be renewed, and expand its voice to other areas.
In recent times, the Vietnamese press has made positive contributions to the fight against peaceful evolution.
First, it regularly and timely rejects the enemy’s biased and slanderous allegations and lays bare their dark moves behind important events. Newspapers and magazines including VOV provide regular features and commentaries on hostile forces’ "peaceful evolution" scheme, clearly reflecting the combativeness of the Vietnamese press.
Second, the style of writing is critical but convincing to win the hearts and minds of people. In carrying out their functions and tasks, press agencies have their own ways to refute the enemy’s distortions and wrongdoings. VOV, Vietnam Television (VTV), Nhan Dan (People) Newspaper, Quan Doi Nhan Dan (People’s Army) Newspaper and the Communist Magazine are the most important tools which have provided a long series of sharp commentaries.
Third, all press agencies are active in combating the enemy’s scheme of peaceful evolution in different ways, from laying bare their wicked moves behind hot events to attacking the weaknesses of the capitalist society, from coping with their criticism to systemically putting forward the Party and State’s leading viewpoints on such major issues as freedom, democracy, human rights, ownership, multi-sectoral and socialist-oriented economy.
Fourth, the Vietnamese press is fully aware of the need to fight and build at the same time. Fighting peaceful revolution is not only to reject fabrications, distortions and slanders but, more importantly, to demonstrate the Party and State’ correct guidelines and policies, aimed at consolidating the stance of people, especially Party members who are a focal point in the peaceful evolution scheme of the enemy.
And not just media, all competent agencies should quickly make public all cyber sources, magazines, newspapers, organizations and individuals providing and disseminating false, fake, bad and poisonous information and cultural products, and deal with such cases in a swift, serious and thorough manner. More importantly, competent agencies should apply modern technology and equipment and efficient measures to stop bad and poisonous information prevailing on the Internet./.
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John Smith 22/4/16 18:56

Reporters should be aware of insidious schemes behind normal acts and behaviours of hostile forces and sharpen their pens for convincing articles of high fighting spirit.

Gentle Moon 22/4/16 18:57

Slander about Vietnam’s press repression, particularly on the Internet is sheer fabrication and unjust.

LawrenceSamuels 22/4/16 18:58

Vietnam can proudly declare that in this country people from all walks of life, young and old alike, have access to information through diverse forms of communication.

Deck Hero14 22/4/16 18:59

Vietnam was the first country in the world to control SARS and the international press praised Vietnam for this achievement.

Pack Cassiopian 22/4/16 19:02

Therefore, magazines play an important role in the fight against such schemes through non-violent and indisputable methods.

Jane smartnic 22/4/16 19:03

By carrying out this scheme, hostile forces aim to distort the socialist regime in Vietnam and shake the will of the Vietnamese State in military, economics, culture, society and other fields.

Love Peace 22/4/16 19:04

They fabricate and distort the human rights situation in Vietnam, accuse the country of suppressing religions and restraining religious freedom, and distort the Vietnamese law by saying Vietnamese people have no freedom of speech.

Only Solidar 22/4/16 19:04

Many foreign reporters have also made important contribution to refuting wrong information, distortions and fabrications by outsiders and even opportunists in the country.

MaskOf Zero 22/4/16 19:06

An advantage is that online newspapers in Vietnam like VOVNews, Nhan Dan and website of the Communist Party of Vietnam provide up-to-date news by combining the three types of the media (picture, voice and printing).

yobro yobro 22/4/16 19:07

We must be active in dissolving reactionary groups, neutralizing the enemy's organizations from outside, preventing collaboration between the forces outside and inside, and not allow them to carry out sabotage activities.

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