What is behind the supports for pluralism and a multiparty system?

Fake democratic activists always use the issue of pluralism and multiparty as an instrument to attack the Communist Party of Vietnam. As usual, they increase the frequency of posting articles on the Internet against the Party and State in the buildup to the 12th National Party Congress.
Recently, they posted a number of articles on their personal websites and blogs and invited visitors to those websites and blogs to discuss and exchange views on the articles. Through the online forums and exchanges, they aimed to provoke people into supporting the formation of a pluralist and multiparty system in Vietnam.
In their articles, they praise the preeminence of capitalism while speaking ill of socialism. In doing so, they highlight the economic development level and per-capita GDP of several Western economies on the one hand, while on the other hand they deliberately link some limitations of the Party’s leadership and weaknesses of local governments’ management with their distorted and fake information to sabotage the credibility of the Party.
 The Vietnamese people have chosen the Party as the leader of the country.
But these fake democratic activists (they are indeed political opportunists or dissidents) should have referred to historical facts in their discussions. Everyone knows that as soon as the French colonialists invaded Vietnam in 1885, the Vietnamese people lived in misery and slavery. Under these circumstances, many uprisings against the French colonialists and lackey feudal government broke out, but all resulted in heavy losses. The main cause of the failures was that the patriotic leaders of the uprisings lacked a proper political credo to salvage the nation and a good revolutionary organization to lead people.
Only when leader Nguyen Ai Quoc and other revolutionaries founded the Communist Party of Vietnam, were Vietnamese patriotic movements united under the leadership of the Party, which had a proper political credo and clear path to struggle against colonialism and feudalism. Thanks to the sound leadership of the Party and its creative application of Marxism and Leninism in Vietnam’s context, the Vietnamese people gained national independence, founding the Democratic Republic of Vietnam.
In the resistance wars against the French colonialists and the American imperialists, the Party continued to lead the Vietnamese people to defeat the two powerful foreign armies to liberate the nation from foreign domination and reunite the country.
In the postwar time, Vietnam faced numerous difficulties. The nation under the Party’s leadership implemented the two main tasks of country building and Fatherland defence. To achieve the national goals, the Party launched renewal, known as Doi Moi, in 1986, to reform the economy, open up the market and expand its relations with other countries across the world while mobilizing the maximum national resources for socio-economic development and defence and security.
Over nearly 30 years of Doi Moi, Vietnam has obtained a large number of achievements in all areas, particularly socio-economic development, defence and security, and foreign relations. No-one could deny these successes of the Vietnamese people under the leadership of the Party.
The above-mentioned historical facts display that the Communist Party of Vietnam should be the single worthy and credible force to lead the Vietnamese people and Vietnamese revolution to success. In fact, the role and position of the Party has been recognized by the Vietnamese people; in other words, the Vietnamese people have chosen the Party as the leader of the country since its foundation.
Despite this fact, fake democratic activists keep denying the leadership of the Party over the nation. They post articles on the Internet with provocative words going against the desire of a vast majority of the Vietnamese people. Following pluralism and a multiparty system, they claim that the current Vietnamese one-party ruling system seriously lacks democracy. What is more, they advocate and call on some “pioneer” people to form a “Socialist Democratic Party” to promote democracy in the country. They are either political opportunists or malcontents who serve foreign-based hostile forces with the aim of sabotaging the Vietnamese revolutionary cause.
The Party is an organization of people. So it is not very surprising when the Party sometimes makes mistakes. But it is important that the Party does not hide its weaknesses and limitations but publicly admits them, and seeks out good solutions to overcome its weaknesses and limitations and perfect its leadership. For this reason, it gains more and more trust from the Vietnamese people. In other words, attempts of domestic and foreign hostile forces to make use of the mistakes in the Party’s leadership to advocate pluralism and a multiparty system in the country, and drive the country to confusion, will never be successful.
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John Smith 21/4/16 09:20

Political dissidents and reactionaries, who boldly consider themselves “patriots,” are ebulliently discussing and criticizing the socialist democracy in Vietnam, and giving reactionary “suggestions” and “proposals” to the Party.

Gentle Moon 21/4/16 09:21

They, indeed, want Vietnam to follow a “pluralist and multi-party political system,” alien to the Vietnamese.

LawrenceSamuels 21/4/16 09:21

To reach their target, they have provided wrong, irrational and impractical arguments. They have even distorted the Party’s political creed and policies, and Vietnam’s 2013 Constitution.

Jane smartnic 21/4/16 09:22

they have shown themselves to be ignorant about basic theories and practices of democracy, particularly socialist democracy.

yobro yobro 21/4/16 09:23

Vietnam’s democracy originated from the August Revolution, which was in fact a revolution of people struggling for national freedom, independence and democracy.

Love Peace 21/4/16 09:24

The national democracy was severely tested in the wars against foreign invaders.

MaskOf Zero 21/4/16 09:25

To bring democracy to life, the 2013 Constitution concretized the people’s rights to master the State and society.

Only Solidar 21/4/16 09:26

In our socialist democracy, the leadership of the Party over every State and social activity is the immutable principle.

Pack Cassiopian 21/4/16 09:27

the Party’s leadership does not mean that the Party participates in the business of the Government or reduces the people’s rights to master the State and society. Rather, the leadership of the Party is clearly defined in Article 4 of the 2013 Constitution.

Deck Hero14 21/4/16 09:28

In our socialist democracy, people’s rights of speech and freedom of the press are also guaranteed and increasingly improved.

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