Youth be key role in economic development: leader


Secretary of the Hà Nội Party Committee Hoàng Trung Hải yesterday said he hoped youth would play a key role in developing the capital’s economy.
Speaking at a conference commending outstanding youth union secretaries held in Hà Nội on Wednesday, Hải emphasised youths’ roles in development.
The conference attracted nearly 600 secretaries of wards and district youth unions in the capital. It was held in response to the Month of Youth, and to welcome the 85th ceremony of the Hồ Chí Minh Communist Youth Union’s founding on March 26.
Hải said he highly appreciated young people’s contributions in blood donations, environmental protection, keeping traffic order and helping candidates with the university entrance exam every year.
He said that Việt Nam had joined the 12 Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) member countries, so the youth union’s activities must be reformed, attractive and suitable to the period of international integration.
“Youth should be cadres in economic restructuring by studying hard, working hard and being more creative to raise the capital’s competitive capacity,” Hải said.
Hải asked concerned organisations to pay more attention to youth affairs, and create good conditions for youth unions at different levels to join economic and political activities in their localities.
Organisations should assign work to young people that is suitable to their capacity, educational level and individual skills, he said.
At the conference, 85 outstanding youth union secretaries were awarded for the positive examples they set in terms of studying, working and volunteering in the community.
The youth union secretaries expressed their determination to uphold their achievements and continue to contribute to the city’s industrialisation and modernisation.
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Deck Hero14 24/4/16 22:02

The youth will be the owner of the country, so they have to play more important role in economic development.

yobro yobro 24/4/16 22:03

The Vietnam Youth Federation (VYF) is a broad social organization of Vietnamese youths and youth organizations

Love Peace 24/4/16 22:05

The VYF must creat more activities in economic area for the youth to join and demonstrate their ability

Jane smartnic 24/4/16 22:08

The youth is now having very good conditions to engage in economic activities when our country has integrated deeply in international economy.

Pack Cassiopian 24/4/16 22:10

Our Party and State leaders always support the youth to have more contribution to the country's economic development

LawrenceSamuels 24/4/16 22:11

The Government must stimulate and organize the youth to actively participate in the national industrialization and modernization as well as activities beneficial to people and country and inclined to the good;

Gentle Moon 24/4/16 22:15

A lot of young people are now successful with their own business

John Smith 24/4/16 22:18

Vietnamese young people are very clever and hard-working, therefore they shall be successful with their ambition.

Only Solidar 24/4/16 22:23

Vietnam's economy is still in the period of developing, the youth's contribution have a strong impact to push the country forward.

MaskOf Zero 24/4/16 22:25

We have human and natural resources to become a developed country in the future.

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