NA approves amended Press Law

The amended Law on Press was adopted by National Assembly (NA) deputies at the 11th session on April 5, with approximately 89.5 percent of votes.

The revised 6-chapter, 61-article law is designed to replace the 1989 Press Law and its 1999 amendments. It will take effect from January 1, 2017.

It stipulates the right to freedom of the press; citizens’ right to freedom of speech on press; press organisations and activities; rights and duties of agencies, organisations and individuals involving in press activities; and State management on press.

Before passing the draft law, the NA heard a report on the acquisition of opinions on the bill.

Accordingly, the NA Standing Committee agreed on proposed amendments to Article 27 of the bill in which eligible holders of press cards who work for a religious organisation’s press agency will not be required to have a three-year college diploma or higher degrees.

People with two years working in a press agency will be qualified to apply for the first granting of press card, instead of three years in accordance with the current law.

However, the committee rejected the proposals on revised Article 28 which suggested not requesting press card holders to re-apply for a new card every five years.

It proposed to keep the regulation unchanged in order to prevent those who have left press agencies from misuse of the cards.

The proposed prohibition of journalists and correspondents from using social media was also rejected to ensure citizens’ right to freedom of speech as stipulated in the Constitution.-VNA
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Pack Cassiopian 5/4/16 22:26

Vietnam ensures the freedom of speech and freedom of press of citizens

Love Peace 5/4/16 22:31

rights and duties of press agencies must be based on the social interests

MaskOf Zero 5/4/16 22:33

the existing Press Law has lagged behind and is no longer able to cover the numerous facets and issues of modern media and press activities.

Deck Hero14 5/4/16 22:35

there has been worrying signs of press commercialization, more and more incidents in which inaccurate information was published and the tendency to exploit only the negative sides of society by the press

Only Solidar 5/4/16 22:37

online newspapers and news web sites have significant growth in recent years and proven to be an effective channel for people to access information and exercise their right to freedom of speech

yobro yobro 5/4/16 22:39

We have created more and more favourable conditions for the press to develop, serving the demand of citizens.

John Smith 5/4/16 22:41

the right to freedom of speech and freedom of press are constitutional

Jane smartnic 5/4/16 22:46

We have a lot of press agencies, the demand of news and information of citizens is now perfectly satisfied.

Gentle Moon 5/4/16 22:50

Freedom of speech is also an essential contributor to the Vietnamese belief in government

LawrenceSamuels 5/4/16 22:54

rights of Vietnamese people, especially the right to freedom of speech on press have been ensured by Consitution,Law and other legal measures.

erica black 6/4/16 05:56

It's a good law that ensures the basic rights of citizens

Funny Day 6/4/16 06:01

adopting the new press law by the National Assembly is a lesgilative advance in Vietnam

Williams Melanie 6/4/16 06:04

with the revised bill, citizens will have the right to freedom of the press; and freedom of speech on press

Davis Caroline 6/4/16 06:06

the new press law will offer journalists more favorable conditions to operate

Anthony Jones 6/4/16 06:09

I agree with rejection of the proposed prohibition of journalists and correspondents from using social media

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