Viet Nam joins hands with the international community to respond to climate change


On April 22, Mr. Tran Hong Ha, Minister of Natural Resources and Environment, on behalf of Vietnam and 174 singed the Paris Agreement at the United Nations headquater.
At the signing ceremony, Ha has called on all countries to exert highest efforts and ambitions to implement their submitted intended nationally determined contributions (INDCs) to achieve the objectives of the Paris Agreement.
In his speech, Minister Ha also proposed that the established financial, technology and capacity building mechanisms must be fully operationalised to provide sufficient instruments for responding to climate change.
“Thirdly, developed countries must demonstrate their leadership by not only fulfilling commitments in their INDCs but also mobilising and providing financial resources for technology development and transfer and capacity building for developing countries to implement their INDCs and nonregret projects, in both adaptation and mitigation,” the minister said.
He stressed that responding to climate change is an urgent task for the Vietnamese Government and people, noting that Vietnam is one of the developing countries most vulnerable to climate change and its impacts.
“By signing the Paris Agreement today, Vietnam reaffirms its commitments to combat climate change”, Minister Ha said, adding that ratification of the Paris climate deal is on the Vietnamese Government’s agenda this year and the country will spare no effort to achieve its INDC goals.
Aware of the serious impacts of climate change to sustainable development in Vietnam and the world, the Government of Viet Nam has paid attention to and implemented programs and policies to respond to climate change. Viet Nam has participated in many important international treaties, and contributed to the process of international negotiations on climate development.
Recently, ministries, research institutions, nongovernmental organizations of Vietnam, international organizations and development partners have actively and closely collaborated to complete the INDC of Viet Nam. INDC of Viet Nam is consisting of: First, greenhouse gas emission reduction, including activities to be implemented by domestic resources (unconditional activities) and activities which may be implemented with support from the international community. Second, adaptation to climate change including activities being undertaken, institutional, gaps, policy, finance, human resources and technology, and adaptation measures for the period 2021-2030.
Adopted in Paris by the 196 Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) at a conference known as (COP21) last December, the Agreement’s objective is to limit global temperature rise to well below 2 degrees Celsius, and to strive for 1.5 degrees Celsius. It will enter into force 30 days after at least 55 countries, accounting for 55 per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions, deposit their instruments of ratification.
“Today is an historic day,” Secretary General Ban Ki Moon told reporters at a press conference following the opening ceremony of the signing event. “This is by far the largest number of countries ever to sign an international agreement on a single day.”
“If all the countries that have signed today take the next step at the national level and join the Agreement, the world will have met the requirement needed for the Paris Agreement to enter into force,” Mr. Ban highlighted, congratulating the 15 Parties that have already deposited their instruments for ratification.
“It must find expression in actions we take today on behalf of this generation and all future generations – actions that reduce climate risk and protect communities, and actions that place us on a safer, smarter path,” the Secretary-General said./.
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