Farmers in Tan Thanh commune, Ham Yen district, are instructed on how to care for orange trees. 
To accelerate sustainable poverty reduction, the province has given production support to poor families, prioritising women, families with disabled members, ethic minority people, resettled families and beneficiaries’ families.
Those living near the poverty line have been provided with production loans at preferential interest rates, instructed on how to set up and carry out business and production projects, and on how to apply science and technology into production.
Moreover, the province has expanded effective poverty reduction models, and regularly inspected the implementation of poverty reduction programs to promptly tackle all difficulties that the grassroots level encounters.
Over 24,450 hectares of land from agricultural and forestry companies have been revoked to assign to poor families and those who lack residential and production land. Meanwhile, the province has continued to assign forest development for organizations, families and individuals.
Tuyen Quang, a mountainous province with 50% of its population belonging ethnic minority groups, has reported many difficulties in development./.