Students raise voice against gender discrimination


A programme calling on joint efforts to abolish gender discrimination was held in Hanoi on April 24, attracting over 2,000 students.
The event attracted the participation and speeches by popular artists including People’s Artist Minh Hoa, singer Bich Phuong, and actors Hong Dang and Manh Truong.
Participants to the event watched short films about gender norms and existing stereotypes in Vietnam, and discussed how to achieve equality for all, particularly for women and girls.
They also brought to the stage short plays depicting traditional gender stereotypes that the public hold in regards to the expectations of women and men, as well as girls and boys.
A wide range of literature promoting gender equality was also on display on the occasion.
The event was co-organised by the Sinh Vien Viet Nam (Vietnamese Students) Newspaper and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), following the success of previous editions held earlier in Ho Chi Minh City and Vinh Long province.
The events are part of the campaign ‘Normal or abnormal’, launched by the UNDP in December 2015. The seven-month campaign aims to raise people’s awareness of gender, and aim for no one to be held back by social norms and for all people to achieve their full potential.
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John Smith 27/4/16 07:51

It aims to promote the importance of gender equality, and the essential role of men in eliminating discrimination against women and girls.

Gentle Moon 27/4/16 07:52

gender equality could not be attained without efforts from men.

LawrenceSamuels 27/4/16 07:53

Vietnam has been among countries recording rapid changes in gender equality within the last 20 years, thanks to a range of legislation and laws adopted to protect the legitimate rights of women and girls.

Jane smartnic 27/4/16 07:54

equality for women and girls was not merely an aspiration but a responsibility belonging to all people

yobro yobro 27/4/16 07:55

everyone to help build a future where all men, women, boys and girls could develop fully and devote themselves to creating a sustainable equal society.

Love Peace 27/4/16 07:56

Addressing the root causes of gender inequality requires the transformation of social norms and gender stereotypes. This will not be achieved without the engagement of men and boys.

MaskOf Zero 27/4/16 07:58

Youth shared their ideas and practical activities to eliminate discrimination against women and girls.

Only Solidar 27/4/16 08:02

Although the proportion of women participating in the labor market is high, they always suffer from disadvantages regarding gender inequality in education, in housework, in the workplace and income, in promotion, and in the retirement age policy, etc.

Pack Cassiopian 27/4/16 08:03

Vietnam is part of an Asian culture in which the patriarchal system is very popular. Therefore, there is inequality in the family division of labor.

Deck Hero14 27/4/16 08:04

The dual role burdens are on women’s shoulders and they are not treated fairly.

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