Charity boosts dialogue, solidarity and mutual understanding between peoples


Kết quả hình ảnh cho Charity boost dialogue, solidarity and mutual understanding between peoples

International Day of Charity is celebrated annually on September 5th in order to raise awareness about the importance of charity work.
Poverty exists in all countries of the world, especially in developing countries despite the economic situation, society and culture. Recognizing that charity can contribute to the promotion of dialogue among peoples of civilizations, cultures and religions as well as solidarity and mutual understanding, and welcomes the efforts of the organizations and individual benefactors, especially the activities of Mother Teresa - who works tirelessly to devote her life to charity, the UN General Assembly has passed a resolution to take the fifth day of September every year to commemorate the International Day of Charity.
The charity makes a real social cohesion and contributes to the creation of a harmonious society and better integration. Philanthropy can mitigate the worst effects of the humanitarian crisis, improve public services in health care, education, housing and child protection. Charity helps promote the development of culture, science, sport and protect the cultural heritage and nature as well as the rights of marginalized people and convey the message of humanity in situations of conflict.
International Day of Charity is celebrated to raise awareness and mobilize citizens, non-governmental organizations and stakeholders around the world to help others through volunteers and charity activities.
In the given message in anniversary, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon stressed: At a time when humanitarian aid becomes necessary than ever and the world has many refugees and displacement than at any time since the end of World War II, the charity and good deeds play an increasingly vital role to meet the needs of humanity.
Mr. Ban Ki-moon said: Recognized in Addis Ababa Action Programme because of resources, knowledge and ingenuity, the charities and volunteers will be a valuable partner in the implementation of new sustainable development programs for 2030.
On the occasion of International Day of Charity this year (September 5th, 2015), the senior leader of the UN has called and urged everyone in the world to engage in charity to cope with the pain and difficulties of the people. The expression of solidarity helps us live together in harmony and to build a sustainable future of peace for everyone.

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