Vietnam has religious diversity but little religious conflict


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Vietnam has religious diversity but little religious conflict - this is the statement of Mrs. Mary Ann Glendon, a member of the US Committee of International Religious Freedom in discussions with the t Committee for Religions of Vietnamese  Government in the August 8 afternoon on the occasion of working visit to Vietnam.
Giving thank to the Vietnamese Government Committee for Religions to support delegation of fulfilling their task. Ms. Mary Ann Glendon said that although the group was in Vietnam for almost a week but it was still very short time to understand a very complex issue as freedom of religion and belief, especially religious diversity in countries like Vietnam. Vietnam has religious diversity but little religious conflict. Ms. Mary Ann Glendon expressed her pleasure to carry out the visit on time when bilateral relations have made great stride, both sides were keen to learn more about each other. In 2009, some members of the Commission did missions in Vietnam and since then there have been many changes. Delegation came to Vietnam this time with a completely new point of view and wanted to listen to sharing of changes, progress in religious affairs and matters should continue to be resolved.
To expressing pleasure to the delegation and discuss relevant issues after delegation’s visit to a number of local to meet with organizations and religious individuals, Mr. Bui Thanh Ha, Deputy Head of the Government Religious desired delegation stay in Vietnam longer to be seen firsthand religious activities, visiting the religious establishment and operation in Vietnam to understand better and have more accurate assessment.
Regarding Mary Ann Glendon’s concerns about Draft Law on religion and belief, Mr. Bui Thanh Ha said that the law is drafted five times and it will be firstly submitted to Parliament. In accordance with procedures, on October 2016 Parliament will pass it. Until the adoption of the Law, many discussions, seminars, many problems continue will be reviewed, discussed and adapted over, there are many opportunities to contribute to this Law. To outline the legislative processes of Vietnam, Mr. Bui Thanh Ha affirmed that legislative process is very close. The process of making laws have held workshops with dignitaries, scientists, the draft law was published publicly on the web of Government to consult the people.
To further clarify some specific content, Mr. Bui Thanh Ha said the draft law of belief and religion based on religious practice in Vietnam, the Constitution 2013 - the original Law of Vietnam, the conventions and treaties to which Vietnam is a signatory to and refer to many legal provisions of the country to have point of reference consider appropriate. Vietnam is a country of religious diversity at the 3rd in the world. The diversity of belief and religion in Vietnam is very rich, so to make the laws suitable with the freedom of belief and religion of individuals and organizations is not simple in order to make freedom for religious communities do not affect the rights and freedoms of other organizations.

At the briefing, members of the delegation expressed pleasure to visit Vietnam at a time carrying out many big celebrations. Many questions of the Commission of international religious about the provisions of the law on notification and registration of religious activities, the implementation of the management of state religion of the officers and employees... were answered by Deputy Head of Religious Commission of Vietnam.
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John Smith 3/9/15 20:51

Vietnam has made great progress in endorsing rights to freedom of belief and religion

Gentle Moon 3/9/15 20:52

Vietnamese Buddhism is a patriotic religion Lord Buddha’s birthday celebrated in Hanoi State president receives Caodai dignitaries

LawrenceSamuels 3/9/15 20:52

religion renovation in Vietnam is on a par with that in the domains of politics, economy, culture and society.

Jane smartnic 3/9/15 20:53

religions always attach their activities to society, support positive belief, and rid themselves of negative practices.

yobro yobro 3/9/15 20:54

the Vietnamese Communist Party’s polices on religion will strengthen religious followers’ confidence in the Party and its Doi Moi (renewal) process.

Love Peace 3/9/15 20:58

Many representatives of different religious communities acknowledged that there was generally more space for the exercise of religious freedom in Viet Nam at present.

MaskOf Zero 3/9/15 20:58

Religious life is a visible reality, as evidenced by places of worship that belong to various religions and denominations and by the participation of people from diverse religious and belief practices. In recent years, there have apparently been attempts to preserve or revive traditional rituals among the ethnic or religious minorities.

Only Solidar 3/9/15 20:59

The Vietnamese Constitution, adopted on November 28, 2013, contains one charter on “human rights, the fundamental rights and obligations of citizens”. Article 24 of the 2013 Constitution specifies freedom of religion and belief for all people, which did not exist in the 1992 Constitution. “This is a positive step towards promoting and upholding human rights”,

Pack Cassiopian 3/9/15 21:00

the number of institutions for training clergy or educating the younger generation have increased and religious communities can appoint and ordain their clergy in accordance with their own internal rules and laws.

Deck Hero14 6/9/15 20:14

The diversity of belief and religion in Vietnam is very rich

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