Why do immigrants flock to Europe?

                                                Hundreds of refugees on a small boat

Being reach, safe and accessible is the reason that makes Europe become the “promised land” for thousands of immigrants from the desperate regions of the Middle East and Africa.
According to the UN’s statistics, since the beginning of 2015, there have been 300.000 people who have left the North Africa and Middle East passing the Mediterranean on their journey to the “promise land” of Europe. This figure is up 40% over last year.
Each day, hundreds or even thousands of people are competing to get a chance to go on board or cling to small boats to cross the borders. They may climb over high fences in Morocco to reach Spain or being flocked in trucks/trains from Turkey to go everywhere in Europe.
In the first two days of September, the Greek coast guard had rescued 1000 refugees on the Aegean Sea, including children and old people. The mid-age people have luggage and children on their backs. They have to stop their work and leave their own houses when everything was collapsed because of wars and terrorists organizations.
According to the UN, new five wars have been broken out for last 5 years and most of them have been in Syria. More than 11 millions of Syrian have fled or been expelled from their homes since the start of the civil war in 2011. The expansion of the so-called Islamic State (IS) has continued to force 3 millions of people to leave their homes since January 2014.
Wars and rebels have also destroyed Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan, Libya, Nigeria and some other countries. Many more people also have to flee Eritrea, a country that no conflict exists but under a repressive regime.
Some choose to live in other countries or move to another place in their own countries. But a lot of people have no choice. Turkey and Lebanon greet 3 millions of Syrian refugees in the common border areas. However, both countries have enacted harsh laws aimed at limiting the amount of migrants to their country to make a living. Therefore, the refugees have to go to other places.
Risky journeys
According to NPR newspaper, Europe is a reach, safe and accessible region for the Middle East and Africa’s residents. Some Greek islands are few kilometers to Turkish coast. They become destinations for boats that carry immigrants. Since the beginning of 2015, 230.000 people have fled to Greece and about 100.000 refugees have reached Italy.
Meanwhile, some European countries are known with generous immigration policy. They even issue a lot of welfare for immigrant to settle their lives in the new lands. They are mostly countries in the North and the West of Europe.
The immigrants may set their foot on Greece first. But later they will move to more prosperous countries, especially Germany.
According to the UN’s statistics, 2.500 people have died since the beginning of 2015 due to immigration journeys. The immigrants have to go on many dangerous roads like desert before passing the seas. Many of them even were killed by bad men in their journeys to the “promised land”.
The routes to Europe are mostly drawn by human-traffickers who just interested in money and never care about what happens to the immigrants. The sailors carry hundreds of immigrants on a small boat and then they even lock them in sinking vessels. Recently, 70 immigrants had suffocated in a truck en route to Austria.
The European Governments have blamed the human-traffickers for potential threats to immigrants’ lives on their fleeing ways. However, the immigration supporters denied that even when the legal routes were established the refugees would still choose to go on illegal routes.
In addition, the inconsistency of immigration laws of European countries and the process of rescue have made the situation more complicated.
The refugees believed that they would have better chance if they were rescued on the sea. Therefore, they gamble their lives by sinking their boat to have coast guard rescued.
Meanwhile, European countries still have disagreement on solving the immigration crisis. Many countries in the South of Europe like Greece and Italy want other countries to give a good example for them to follow.
As European Union principles, the government of country that the immigrants set their foot first has to solve the legitimate problems for them. Unfortunately the principles are becoming useless.
While Norway and Sweden have implemented a generous immigration policy, Denmark and Finland have tried to control immigration
The only way to stop this crisis is to end all of the conflict in the Middle East and Africa. The immigrants themselves always want to come back to their homes despite of being poor./.
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Jane smartnic 6/9/15 18:56

Such a incredible crisis, help them please!

LawrenceSamuels 6/9/15 18:58

Europe has its responsibility for the crisis, they bring war to the Middle East and Africa

Gentle Moon 6/9/15 18:59

Far from being propelled by economic migrants, this crisis is mostly about refugees

John Smith 6/9/15 19:01

a lot of victims are children and old people

yobro yobro 6/9/15 19:03

The world’s wealthiest continent can easily handle such a comparatively small influx.

Deck Hero14 6/9/15 19:04

Last autumn, the EU opted to suspend full-scale maritime rescue operations in the Mediterranean in the belief that their presence was encouraging more migrants to risk the sea journey from Libya to Europe

Love Peace 6/9/15 19:06

The number of migrants trying to reach the European Union has increased sharply over the past two years.

Pack Cassiopian 6/9/15 19:07

The word has gone out that Fortress Europe is scalable. From Morocco to Turkey, people smuggling has turned into an irresistibly big business.

MaskOf Zero 6/9/15 19:09

The demonstrators, many of whom were members of extreme right groups, held banners with slogans like “white genocide” and “stop Islam”

Only Solidar 6/9/15 19:10

Europe, itself reeling under a financial crisis, cannot provide housing, employment and social benefits to the thousands who each day land on European shores and cross over borders.

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