Vietnam actively contributes to the world’s sustainable development

             President Truong Tan Sang meet General Secretary Ban Ki Moon at the UN headquarters

In September 25, the 193-Member United Nations General Assembly kicked off solemnly at the UN headquarters in New York with the participation of more than 160 Heads of States and Governments.
After the opening ceremony, the Summit formally adopted the 2030 Agenda, along with a set of bold new Global Goals, which Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon hailed as a universal, integrated and transformative vision for a better world.
In the first day of the Summit, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and nearly 60 Presidents and Prime Ministers had delivered speeches that mostly focused on the importance of the 2030 Agenda, the foundation for the world’s sustainable development in next 15 years. They also stressed the determination and commitment to strictly implement the Agenda and the sustainable development goals and expressed the hope that the international community will reach a new deal on confronting climate change in Paris in December this year.
Speaking at the first day of the Summit, Vietnamese President Truong Tan Sang had mentioned boldly the major challenges to the peace, security and sustainable development, especially the increase of poverty, disease, social unfairness, shortages of natural resources, climate change, conflict, crisis, violence...
President stressed that the 2030 Agenda had set a new strategic viewpoint, showing the human desire to live in a world that is peaceful, safe, fair, green and clean, making new frame and direction for every country in responding to economic, social and environmental challenges.
The President affirmed that Vietnam committed to do its best to implement the 2030 Agenda and the sustainable development goals. The President also highlighted Vietnam’s three major messages.
Firstly, the sustainable goals cannot be reached in case of war, conflict and crisis. Therefore, ensuring peace and security based on international law is the utmost condition to effectively implement the sustainable development goals.
Secondly, every country needs to have strong political determination and maximize internal resources and potentials, integrate the viewpoint of sustainable development into every national strategy and program, in which people is at the centre.
President also announced that Vietnam is actively implementing the national Strategy for Sustainable Development 2011-2020, restructuring the economy, transforming the growth model in order to improve economic efficiency, ensuring social justice, saving of resources as much as possible, improving the environment and in responding to climate change.
Thirdly, strengthening the global partnership for the sustainable development, in which developed countries have responsibility to support developing countries to implement the goals, especially in improving capacity, transferring technology, creating favor in trade, assessing capital...
President also informed that Vietnam and ASEAN countries are trying to build ASEAN community by the end of 2015, and also with other related countries to maintain peace, security in the region to create a favorable environment for the sustainable development, including security, safety, freedom of navigation and aviation in the East Sea.
President affirmed Vietnam has consistently advocated the peaceful settlement of disputes in the South China Sea on the basis of respect for international law, including the Convention of the United Nations Law of the Sea 1982, taken seriously and fully Declaration on the Conduct of Parties in the East Sea (DOC) and promoted measures to early achieved the Code of Conduct in the East Sea (COC).
Finally, the President wished the 2030 Agenda on sustainable development would be done for the common good of humanity and Vietnam will contribute positively, responsibly in the joint effort to not leave any individual or country behind this process./.
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Thompson Catherine 6/10/15 06:00

vietnam is one of the prime examples for implementing the UN Millennium Development Goals

Anthony Jones 6/10/15 06:04

it always show as a responsible member of the international community, actively contributing to the building of the better world.

Davis Caroline 6/10/15 06:09

I agree with President Truong Tan Sang that we will not reach the sustainable development goals if security, peace and stability is not guaranteed

Williams Melanie 6/10/15 06:13

but peace and stability in the region is seriously threatened by the East Sea dispute

Funny Day 6/10/15 06:19

China's ambition and intention of monopolizing the East Sea is the main cause of conflict

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