Increasing violence in the US

                                                    Violence in cities of the US

On September 20, the US’s authorities announced that during the recent summer the rate of homicide had risen sharply in 30 major cities of the country, mostly due to firearm violence.
After years of declining violent crime, several major American cities experienced a dramatic surge in homicides during the first half of this year.
Milwaukee, which last year had one of its lowest annual homicide totals in city history, recorded 84 murders so far this year, more than double the 41 it tallied at the same point last year. Milwaukee is not alone.
According to AFP, the US Government informed that the homicide in the capital of Washington DC had risen 40.5% (about 111 cases) in comparison with 2014’s statistics.
The situations in St Louis and Milwaukee had also been serious with the number of homicide in August rose respectively 60% and 76%.
In Chicago, within one day of September 2 nine people were killed because of firearm violence. In Cleveland, two children at the ages of 3 and 5 died of gun last week. The rate of homicide in other major cities such as New York, Philadelphia, Dallas or New Orleans had also soared.
In New York, the financial of America, in this year’s summer, the death tolls of violence were 104 people while the number were merely 86 in last year.
The New York Police Department said many homicides were due to unidentified reasons.
The analysts said the drug traffic, fights between gangs and fast rise in gun trade are main reasons leading to serious violence in the recent summer in the US.
Mrs Deandra Yates, whose son, Dre, 15 years old were shot in his head and are now unable to move said that in her Indiana, it’s easy to buy a gun for a mere 280 USD.
“The Gun Control Law is applied very loosely, people are very easy to buy gun here” she lamented.
Baltimore, a city has become the symbol of violence, where the number of homicide of the first 8 months of 2015 is higher than the total number of 2104. There had been 134 people died just within recent summer.
The Major of Baltimore, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake said the fights between gangs are the main reason leading to this situation.
“A serious threat when you’re talking about homicides and the proportion, overall gangs are responsible for 16 percent of all homicides, but 25 percent in cities with a population of over 100,000,” Blake said. “About 85 percent of serious gang activity is concentrated in metropolitan areas in the United States.”
However, in this summer, there had been series of shootings in the US such as the massacre of 9 black people in the Charleston church in South Carolina or 5 American soldiers in Tennessee.
We see clearly that the US’s society contains a lot of problems inside and the US government has to fix these problems by everything it could./.
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