The high price of the darkest day in the US history

For 14 years, the day of September 11th 2011 has haunted all American and people all over the world. The terrorist attack had made the 11 of September become the darkest day in the American history.
It has been more than one decade but now the American is still stunned and sad whenever they think of the terrible attack.
After the 11/9 attack, American has had vary different feelings such as shocked, stunned, angry and united. From that moment, the US has dramatically changed, especially the thinking about the global status, subjects, partners and international behavior...
Every years, the US held the memorial service for the victims killed in the 11/9 attack. But this year the memorial service was held in the higher alert.
According to Chief of New York Police Department, Mr Bill Batton, from 11/9/2001 the city has discovered more than 20 terrorist plots and is still facing the higher possibility of being attacked. The highest danger comes from the terrorist group named “the lonely wolf” and the extremists that support the so-called Islamic State (IS) organization.
The US security officials said that the anti-terrorist fight was spreading on larger scale and difficult to realize; the US was also facing the terrorists who both come form the Middle East and even inside of the US.
There are a lot of useful lessons for the US and other countries all over the world. But the lesson of vigilance and behavior to losses and grief of the US seems to be most interested.
Firstly, it’s hard to understand how the terrorist could operate a carefully-prepared plot outside of the control of the best intelligence agencies of the US such as CIA, FBI, NSA, NRO, DIA, DEA, INR...
These agencies have more than 100.000 employees and received a operational fund of more than $ 40 billions per year. The National Intelligence Office is in charge of the headquarter of the 16 agencies
The only one who can answer exactly this question is the head of the US
Recently, after the missing of the MH-370 airplane of Malaysia, people are now questioning the capacity of the US including its intelligence and high technology level.
The US said that it could destroy the opponent’s missile right after launching as in the US’s National Missile Defend (NMD) program. However the US agencies haven’t had a clue where the MH-370 airplane is, that is tens-time bigger than the missile.
Secondly, there are a lot of different ideas around the US’s behavior to the losses, especially, the wars which the US has started after the darkest day of September 11th.
The official statistics of quantity of the terrorist forces hasn’t unveiled yet but the number of the death, the wounded and the refugees of the war sides is up to millions of people.
There isn’t also an official report on evidences to convict the states that are called terrorists or terrorist-sponsors. Among these countries are Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria... and even Cuba that has just normalized the relationship with the US after 56 years of being considered a terrorist-sponsor, hasn’t been vindicated yet.
Analysts have questioned that:
“Why doesn’t the anti-terrorist war that started and led by the US quickly destroy entirely the terrorism?”
“Why can it be that the more the US and NATO strike, the stronger the terrorist forces become, they even appear everywhere on the world including Europe and America?”
“Why does President Obama have to spend two presidential terms to fix the mistakes of his predecessors in Iraq and Afghanistan while the Republican MPs call him “a coward”...?
The analysts also suggested reviewing all of the US’s policies in the viewpoint of global and regional strategy, races, religions...
President Obama was right when he said that the turbulence in Iraq and Afghanistan also brought lessons for American strategists and made them gradually understand the fact that applying the freedom and democracy model of the West to countries that have different history, culture, thoughts and religions, is not suitable.
Therefore, in the memorial service of September 11, American and people around the world don’t only remember 30.000 victims of the attack, but also consider the capacity and responsibility of the agencies in the context of the unstable global security./.

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Love Peace 12/9/15 21:47

Ten years ago, 19 men trained by al-Qaeda carried out a coordinated terrorist attack on the United States that had been planned for years

Jane smartnic 12/9/15 21:50

RIP to all those beautiful souls who perished that day

Pack Cassiopian 12/9/15 21:52

September 11, 2001, the date of the deadliest attacks on U.S. soil since the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor in World War 2.

MaskOf Zero 12/9/15 21:58

September 11, 2001 is a day that many will never forget.

Gentle Moon 12/9/15 21:59

If we learn nothing else from this tragedy, we learn that life is short and there is no time for hate

LawrenceSamuels 12/9/15 22:01

Time is passing

Only Solidar 12/9/15 22:02

These attacks and the global reaction to them have profoundly shaped the world we live in

John Smith 12/9/15 22:04

14 years have passed since a perfect blue sky morning turned into the blackest of nights

Deck Hero14 12/9/15 22:06

Wishing a world without war

yobro yobro 12/9/15 22:08

and peace for everyone. Stop war and violence!

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