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The Declaration of Independence on September 2, 1945 drafted by President Ho Chi Minh is the third Declaration of Independence of Vietnam, after The Southern Country written by Ly Thuong Kiet and The Great Proclaimation on Victory over Ming by Nguyen Trai.
The Declaration has inherited the traditional values ​​of the nation, affirming the independence, sovereignty, self-reliance will of the people of Vietnam. It also inherited the value of human progress. The Declaration of Independence was not only worth on the political aspect to affirm independence and sovereignty of the people of Vietnam but also cheered the liberation struggle of the peoples of the world.
First, the Declaration affirmed the value of human rights that the Declaration of Independence of the United States and France had made clearly. However, the Declaration did not stop at the affirmation of human rights but Ho Chi Minh elevated it to right for nation. This is a very basic content, which makes sense for not only our nation but also have implications for our time. Since then countries around the world have struggle to gain independence and basic right for their nation.
Second, Ho Chi Minh condemned the atrocities to show clearly reactionary nature of colonialism as a stain in the history of mankind. The content of the Declaration of Independence by President Ho Chi Minh was as the removal of the stigma in human history. Afterwards, General Vo Nguyen Giap had a very famous statement that asserted: “Ho Chi Minh was the first to condemn colonialism. He along with his nation implemented that judgment”.
Third, the Declaration of Independence affirmed the revolutionary struggle resilience of the people of Vietnam since the party leadership, which had gained independence and finally confirmed the independent status of the people of Vietnam. Our people stood up as masters of the country, doing all our life. 30 years after the Declaration, we have gained independence, completely unified. During the renovation, we must continue to defend the independence, sovereignty, unity and integrity of territory in the spirit of the Declaration.

Finally, the Declaration affirmed Vietnam's independence as a truism, affirmed the determination of the people of Vietnam to defend the independence of freedom. The determination that we have experienced during the past 70 years, until now remained unyieldingly to defend the independence, sovereignty, unity, territorial integrity and the fundamental national rights according to the Declaration of Independence 1945 by Uncle Ho.
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