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All organizations and economic experts have acknowledged the existence of state enterprises (SOEs) and monopoly in some sectors of service and goods.
However, the state that people less believe in transparency in the operation of some monopolies in Vietnam is real, most notably in the fields of electricity and gasoline. It has not yet said anything about the enormous problem, monitering electric using transparently to make people trust is not good. Even power consumers implicitly think whenever electricity bills higher than the previous month due to incorrectly record and miscalculation. Although electric company can explain, it is full of doubt, no matter how much electricity simply believed or not.
There have been many cases of false records to increase number so this must be taken and monitored seriously. Competition Administration Department and Vietnam Electricity (EVN) are necessary to protect the interests of people and their honor. Without clarification, people continue doubt the transparency of EVN so there is no major benefit for EVN.
To minimize errors and restore confidence for people, it should establish independent monitoring body from things like recording number to operation of the EVN. Thereby eliminating the situation that MOIT both manager and owner. Because of the fact people are right to suspect the "fairness" of the Ministry of Industry and Trade. MOIT does both state management and duty performance for the benefit of people but we can not know how much for the consumer protection and law enforcement, how much for protecting their benefit (EVN)? Therefore, there is an independent monitoring body would both protect consumers and protect themselves to ensure transparency so that people trust.

More generally, all of goods and services must have an independent supervisory authority as advanced countries have done and they have to give  convincing results. Accordingly, the agency only acts according to the law, only subject to the supervision of Parliament and it is not attached to the other unit. If so, not only EVN and SOEs are whitewashed but also MOIT and other ministries will benefit. And above all, the trust of the people are rebuilt.
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