Fallacious democracy, human rights, and patriotism win no support.

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The implementation of fallacious democracy, human rights, and patriotism movements by the hostile forces is not a new phenomenon. Yet, their plots, intrigues and actions are increasingly furtive and insidious. Never before have we seen a variety of the so called individuals, groups and organizations for democracy, human rights, patriotism, such as “Vietnamese Women for human rights”, “Patriotic Youth” “Petitioners”, “Free Citizen”, “Former Vietnamese Prisoners of Conscience ”, “The Network of Vietnamese Bloggers”, “Independent Journalists”, etc. The sooner the 12th National Congress of the Party, the more hostile activities do these forces conduct aiming at dividing the Party unification. For the past years, they have continuously sent their call for the Party to abandon Marxism – Leninism, its sole leadership over the country, and the path to socialism.
Nowadays, Vietnamese Government protected human rights, civil rights of all of its citizens as written in the Constitution and laws. These are clearly reflected in reality and absolutely match the international laws and practices. Those who understand democracy and human rights know that there are some basic standards for all nations to strive for. However, it does not mean that a model can be applied to all countries. This is because each country has its own specific historical circumstances, political regimes, economic development level, cultural practices, etc. Comparing or applying democracy and human rights mechanically is just ridiculous. Right in the US, a top developed country, which is often proud itself as a good model of democracy and human rights, there are some inadequacies in these aspects, such as, the right to housing, rights for the black, the right to health care, the freedom of speech, and the freedom of press, etc. US former President B. Clinton admitted that to date, the US achievement in human rights is not adequate. US present President B. Obama stated a number of the black are being discriminated in the U.S. While some disguised democrats in Vietnam repeatedly call for the removal of the one-party regime and exercise of the pluralism like Western modal. US intellectual Noam Chomsky warned that “In fact, The US is still a one-party state, the business party”. In recent years, the world has seen “business parties” in the US and the West exporting their democracy and human rights to other countries by a number of methods which go against the spirit of human rights and democracy, even by the use of force. Instabilities in a different countries around the world partly stem from the above aggressive actions of the US and western countries.
In their plots to transform communist regime in Vietnam through human rights and democracy struggle, hostile forces pay special attention to applying lessons from “colour revolutions” that western countries, led by the US conducted in many countries which destabilized the society and overthrowed the regime through various tools (recently, the Internet) and formed new pro U.S governments.
In fact, they have gained success in countries such as, Tunisia, Syria, Gruzia, Ukraine, etc. Therefore, in Vietnam, they strengthen fallacious propagation and incitement in coordination with financial equipment support aiming to create movements, deceive domestic people and international community…. targeting the abandon of the leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam and the overthrow of the current political regime in our country.
Recently, together with the development of mass media, especially the emergence of social networks, there appear many new forms of democracy, human rights and patriotism. A number of movements, in disguise of “democracy”, human rights”, “patriotism” spread their actions through Internet. These are just disguised tricks, taking advantage of socio-political events to carry out sabotage against the regime. These actions are encouraged and supported by foreign media and organizations. In May 2014, the China’s illegal placement of its oil rig Haiyang Shiyou 981 in Vietnam’s waters triggered protestant movements in localities through out the country. Taking advantage of the event, reactionaries, dissenters and political opportunists raised their slogan of “Protecting sea and island sovereignty is patriotic” to incite extreme actions and sabotage causing damage to the economy and degrading the country’s credit. Some demonstrations did not only urge for the protection of sovereignty but also for pluralism and the release of several prisoners. Viet Tan, a reactionary group also spread their guide for nonviolent struggle online. The event, among various others in disguise of democracy, human rights and patriotism show the real nature of the disguised democrats. They have been recognized, countered and refuted by our people and international peacelovers.
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John Smith 10/9/15 15:42

In a world in which we see totalitarian regimes oppressing their people, it is all too easy to go along with the media bandwagon declaring that giving the people "democracy" is the answer to all their problems.

Gentle Moon 10/9/15 15:43

Indeed, when we think of democracy we tend to compare, for example, oppressive muslim lands controlled by powerful, unelected Emirs, with the wonderful "free" democratic countries, all of which tend to be "Christian," at least in name.

LawrenceSamuels 10/9/15 15:44

if we look biblically at the situation, we see that this is far from true.

Jane smartnic 10/9/15 15:45

Democracy throughout history has not necessarily been a good thing.

yobro yobro 10/9/15 15:45

The only difference being that a dictatorship is ruling at the whim of one man, whereas democracy is ruling at the whim of the mob.

Love Peace 10/9/15 15:46

Democracy falls to the ground because man has a wicked sinful nature, and does not know what is best for himself. This is one thing the politicians will never tell the people.

MaskOf Zero 10/9/15 15:47

living our lives simply according to the will of the majority will always be a mistake.

Only Solidar 10/9/15 15:50

It is mostly representative democracy.

Pack Cassiopian 10/9/15 15:51

living in a system with only one party. That's the situation of billions of people everywhere.

Deck Hero14 10/9/15 15:52

Democracy, on the other hand, has safeguards to prevent it from becoming totalitarian.

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