To fulfill social policy is to guarantee human rights in Vietnam


Kết quả hình ảnh cho To fulfill social policy is to guarantee human rights in Vietnam

For years, the Party and State of Vietnam have paid attention to developing and implementing social policies; considered both a goal and motivation for sustainable development, socio - political stability which express the good nature of our regime. It also rejected the idea which claims that our State is disregard for human rights. 
Indeed, the Central Resolution 5 (XI) stated: “Social Policy has particularly important role as the goal, impetus for rapid and sustainable development in all stages of development. Basic goal of social policy is to ensure social stability and create conditions for growth and development, towards justice, social progress, constantly improve and raise the standard of living, physicality, mind, equality and happiness of the people. Social policy embraces all aspects of human life, such as working conditions, living, education, culture, health care... and depends greatly on the development process of economy and political - social nature of each country.
Social policy and human rights have close relationship. To fulfill social policy is one of the important conditions to guarantee human rights in our country because human rights are always closely linked with the fundamental rights of the people with the rights of citizens; depending on the conditions of economic, social, historical, cultural and ethnic development. Vietnam Communist Party determined: “The Party will take care of the people, protect the legitimate rights and interests of all people, respect and implement international treaties on human rights to which Vietnam has signed or acceded to. To realize social policy is a specific process of human rights recognized and protected by the Constitution and laws as well as international legal agreements. Through social policy, human rights, basic rights and duties of citizens are guaranted more fully and completely, contributing to tremendous momentum in the construction industry of Vietnam.

Along with the process of innovation and socio - economic development, the Party and State have grown awareness, significance, objectives and content of the settlement of social issues, particularly social security, social welfare,  to ensure comprehensive and better human rights. To confirm the objective of social policies is to build social and human development, provide a happy life for the people, contribute to a healthy society and sustainable development of the country. Recognizing that, in recent years, especially during the renovation period, the Party and State have been improving the system of policies and laws on social sectors; investment resources is enhanced and diversified; promoting the synergy of the whole political system and the strata to implement social policy and care for people, make motivation to build and protect the country.
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