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His exact name is Alan Shenu but Turkish officials used to call him Aylan Kurdi which means a Kurds boy so the whole world called him Aylan Kurdi. Now, that does not matter. Although whatever the boy's name was the world had heard screams from his silent body washed ashore Bodrum in Turkey and noted by reporter Nilüfer Demir a few days ago.
Like many other famous photographs in history, the photograph of Alan will still haunt the world for a long time. With a dark pants, red shirt, legs in shoes just like chasing a ball on certain grounds, Alan was lying face down on the sand, hands down the body as if he was sleeping peacefully in lulaby of the sea. But he was died.
Alan's family fled civil war in their homeland Syrian with a desire to find a promised land somewhere across the sea. But death overtook them on the high seas and Alan was just a victim among hundreds of thousands of refugees who continue to pour into Europe.
Europe has been facing the worst migrant crisis since World War II. Hundreds of thousands of people try to slip in through the “gateway” such as Hungary, Greece or Italy. While officials of the European countries are still debating whether to confront new challenges which up to this enormous scale,the victims as Alan continued to be died in the hopeless evasion...
But Alan's death is not meaningless. Prime Minister of England, the country where has quite tough in matters of migrants, has declared that his country will “receive more thousands of people” from the UN refugee camp near the border of Syria.
There seems to be a connection between this decision of British boy with the death of Alan, when Prime Minister David Cameroon said that as a father, he felt “heartbreaking” to see photograph of Alan on the coast.
If so, then the death of Alan helped thousands of refugees come to Europe and increase their chances of survival over many times.

It means that Alan’s scream penatrated the world!
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John Smith 14/9/15 10:09

there is still a huge amount of work to be done before desperate people fleeing war and persecution will really feel there is a safe place for them

Gentle Moon 14/9/15 10:10

looking for Therapeutic Casework Volunteers in to support their assessments, casework and referrals to asylum seekers and refugees presenting mental wellbeing needs

LawrenceSamuels 14/9/15 10:11

a scheme where people can volunteer as much of their time or resources as they want, but especially to lobby local councils on behalf of refugees

Jane smartnic 14/9/15 10:12

Make a financial donation to a non-governmental organisation (NGO) that is doing related humanitarian work overseas.

Jane smartnic 14/9/15 10:12

Aylan Kurdi Fund: named in honour of the drowned child and set up within 24 hours of the horrific pictures circulating around the world. All proceeds are going to charity Hand In Hand For Syria

yobro yobro 14/9/15 10:13

Aylan Kurdi Fund: named in honour of the drowned child and set up within 24 hours of the horrific pictures circulating around the world. All proceeds are going to charity Hand In Hand For Syria

Love Peace 14/9/15 10:14

The Aire Centre: provides information and advice throughout Europe on international human rights law, including the rights of individuals under the provisions of European Community Law

MaskOf Zero 14/9/15 10:15

JustGiving has received more than 2,500 donations from 32 countries for Calais migrant fundraising efforts.

Pack Cassiopian 14/9/15 10:16

An Amazon wish list has been set up for people to buy specific items such as shoes and sleeping bags to be delivered to Calais as part of the appeal #KentforCalais and #HelpCalais.

Deck Hero14 14/9/15 10:17

Please provide free legal advice and representation to refugees and asylum-seekers seeking safety

Only Solidar 14/9/15 10:18

Médecins Sans Frontières: humanitarian agency which has three rescue ships in the Mediterranean can help them

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