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                                                        President greets VN expat youth
After 19 days, taking participants to major landmarks from the north to the south, the 2015Vietnam Summer Camp has ended at the city of Ho Chi Minh. This journey is not long but so meaningful to young overseas Vietnamese to more understand their roots, their homeland and to have inspirations to contribute for the Mother land in the future...
Meaningful Vietnam-crossing journey
The 2015 Vietnam Summer Camp themed “Proud of Vietnam”, which took place from July 13 – 7 at 12 provinces and cities, had the participation of over 160 young overseas Vietnamese from 21 countries globally. The program had various activities nationwide to help young overseas Vietnamese discover the country’s geography and also study about the glorious history of the nation. The program focused on activities that remind delegates of the works of the forefathers and the sacrifice of martyrs for the country’s independence and freedom and also activities of culture and art exchange. Therefore, the destination of the Summer Camp were historic sites and remarkable landscapes, such as: Hung temple, Ha Long bay, Lotus village of Uncle Ho, Truong Son National Cemetery, Vinh Moc tunnel, Quang Tri ancient citadel, the relics of Hue imperial city, Hoi An ancient town, My Son sanctuary, Da Nang city, Binh Dinh, Ba Ria – Vung Tay, Cu Chi tunnel, Nha Rong wharf...
To the delegates of the Summer Camp, this was not only a chance for exchange, but also made them more understand the history, culture of the lovely S-shaped country. The journey had left the delegates unforgettable memories. Viet Nga, who comes from Belarus, said: “My most impressive thing in the journey was to visit Truong Son National Cemetery under a heavy rain. In front of thousands of graves of the martyrs who had sacrificed for the independence of the nation, I saw myself too small and I could not hold my tears for huge losses of our country. At that moment I was filled up with the pride of our glorious nation.
For Tran Thi Ngoc Mai who comes from Germany, this journey had made her more grown up. Mai expressed: “We had visited a lot of historic sites and beautiful landscapes that made us more understand about the country’s history and culture. We saw that our country so beautiful, Vietnamese people are so close and friendly. I’m proud of being Vietnamese with unique culture glorious tradition of defending the nation.”
Assessing the result of the 2015 Vietnam Summer Camp, Mr Le Quoc Thinh, Deputy Chairman of Foreign Ministry’s State Committee for Overseas Vietnamese Affairs said: “The Summer Camp has brought a lot of good memories and awareness of traditional culture for the young delegates, inspiring them in study and life. The memories will be stored in their mind and therefore they will always be proud of being Vietnamese.”
Bridges for developing the country
The pride of Vietnam and Vietnamese people is the general feeling of all delegates after the country-crossing journey. The journey has affected and changed many participants in their minds and actions.
Nguyen Phan Bao Linh, an 18-year-old expatriate in the Ukraine, said this was the first time she has visited the home of the martyr, adding that she is proud of and greatly admires the teenage heroine.
Linh also expressed her joy at witnessing the increasingly dynamic development of the homeland, saying she will collect information and documents on the country’s history and culture to introduce to her relatives and friends.
Meanwhile Le Thi Thuy Tien, a student studying architecture in Cambodia, shared that she plans to return Vietnam after graduating and join activities supporting Agent Orange victims in her homeland.
Luu Anh Vuong, a medical student from Russia, said he is touched to visit the memorial and hear moving stories about martyr Vo Thi Sau, a brave revolutionary symbol of patriotism.
“I hope to make contributions to Vietnam’s development in the future”, he stated.
At the closing ceremony of the 2015 Vietnam Summer Camp, Mr. Thinh said that if it is possible, young overseas Vietnamese should all come back to Vietnam to more understand the cultural values of the nation and raise up their pride of being Vietnamese, feeding their will and desires and sticking to the motherland.
“In coming years, the Foreign Ministry’s State Committee for Overseas Vietnamese Affairs will hold more activities for young overseas Vietnamese under new and various forms to contribute and strengthen the connection between young overseas Vietnamese and the country.”, he said.
There are many Vietnam Summer Camp will be organized and a lot of young overseas Vietnamese will return to home in the coming time. With youth, knowledge and aspirations, the young overseas Vietnamese will contribute significantly to the maintenance, construction and development of the motherland. The country always with the open arms welcomes those who contribute their enthusiasm and virtue to make the Motherland increasingly prosperous and sustainable, leveling with the great powers in the world as our Uncle Ho’s wishes./.

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Thompson Catherine 23/9/15 06:01

the Vietnam Summer Camp is so useful event, that helps arouse patriotism, towards the Motherland, tighten the solidarity of the young oversea Vietnamese with the people in the country.

Anthony Jones 23/9/15 06:08

it will attract more contribution of the young oversea Vietnamese to the construction and developnment of the country.

Elizabeth Green 23/9/15 06:15

many Vietnamese poeple abroad lack of exact information about the situation of the country, so they misunderstand, prejudice, even act against the country. However, after they come back home to witness, they change their thinking and action.

Funny Day 23/9/15 06:18

there have been more the oversea Vietnamese return home for investment, tourism and living

Jack Walker 23/9/15 06:24

in the past time, they have made significant contribution to the struggle of protecting Vietnam's sovereignty and territorial integrity in the East Sea.

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