Ensuring justice in the institutional law


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Ensuring justice in the legal institutions has a significant meaning to ensure the ultimate role, equality of law and the human rights recognized in law.
The purpose of ensuring justice is to respect and promote the equality of rights among individuals, protect the freedom and emphasize the responsibility of each individual in society. In a state of law, justice and rule of law institutions always exist for each other.
In modern society, the interpretation of justice tends beyond the legal framework by attaching the rule of law institutions as a form of political democracy with social democracy and justice.
Thus, justice has connotation which does not always coincide with the connotation of the concept of law. However, the value of justice provides the basic criteria to assess and evaluate the implementation the act. A fair law is a law-based and not in opposition to the values ​​of justice.
The law serves justice if it helps create harmony in the human rights - as the man of the people, and have the capacity to protect human rights when being violated. Justice without the support of the law will become weak and faint. The law does not base on the values ​​of justice will become brutal, repressive. The 621 BC Act Dracong was a good example of the harshness of the law when it did not base on the values ​​of justice; for example guilty of petty theft as stealing vegetables were also executed. Since then, the “Dracong Law” has become the term refering to the brutal and inhumane law.
Because the law may itself abuse power to violate human rights, so while expressing the will of the state, it has to reflect fully the needs and interests of the majority of society members, and to fully convey the advanced value for the human rights.
Fairness in the process of applying the law has an important role in safeguarding justice. A law is deemed to be fair if it is applied openly and transparently, impartially and consistently. Similar cases will be handled by a similar manner of law. The law should be handled with the same case in the same way, except with different circumstances.

Justice is the correct perception and right action for truth, for justice and morality in the human rights which are recognized by society and legal legacy. After all, we could make a concept of justice in ensuring the rule of law institutions is that the entire operation of inspection and supervision by government agencies to ensure the position, paramount role and equality of law in institutions of law and ensure the human rights recognized in law. 
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